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the•sis – a dissertation advancing an original point of view as a result of research, especially as a requirement for an academic degree

I think I found out a few years ago that Ambassador, of the Cross Movement, was attending the Dallas Theological Seminary to further his education.  I thought to myself, “Man after peepin’ this cats rhymes over the years, I wonder what his graduate thesis would consist of.”  This is after hearing him profess Christ over dope joints on early Cross Movement records and his first solo effort: Christology in Laymen’s Terms.

So when I was asked to review the latest piece from Ambassador, I said to myself (which I obviously do a lot of…) that I don’t want to compare both records.  They were done at two completely different times, although by the same dude, I wanted to be as objective as possible and not get into comparisons.  So let’s see if I can make it though this review with out straying.

OK first off, this CD is bananas!  Once the first song on The Thesis hits you (“Thesis Pieces”) you are drawn into a head bobbin’ atmosphere with the sick loop Jesus, make everything right.   Ambassador doesn’t waste much time in giving you his thesis statement with the catchy hook and rhymes.  Another joint that caught my immediate attention was “Song For You”, where Ambassadors gives you a small dosage of his inner soul singer before the true Ambassador grabs the mic as the beat drops, ‘Sike!  Didn’t think it was a slow jam, did ya?! / Didn’t think I was a old man, did ya?! / I hit you with scripture, listen to every word I say / the rapper Ambassador’s back like a vertebrae.’

This 18-track CD is filled with bangers (“The Elements”, “Back Home”), which are sure to please most hip hop heads.  But it also has a few gems that are guaranteed to give you an opportunity to go wash the Chevette, remove the duct tape that’s holding the hatch down, and cruise through the park this summer blasting the truth.  One favorite is “Feels Good” featuring Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and SOUL.  This is sure to be a summer anthem, with, well as suggested by the title, a Feel Good vibe.

Another song of note is “We Worship You”, an incredible and humble demonstration of hip hop worship.  Ambassador reveals to the listener another flow from the multitude that he holds in his arsenal.  And all of this over a hot track.  For the record, I wasn’t sure if I should lay prostrate or just start doing the whop!!  But this is a good thing, because I think it gives you an excellent example of what The Thesis was meant to do as a follow up to Christology in Laymen’s Terms.  It continues to lift up the name of Christ, without becoming so irrelevant that skeptics won’t receive it. 

We learned on his freshman effort that Ambassador has a knack for making the Gospel plain for the average hip hop head.  In most theses, you would expect to hear big words and see intricate equations to answer a problem or prove a theory based on hours and hours of research.  But on The Thesis, Ambassador succeeds in improving on that talent of making the Gospel simple, while inviting the listener to dig deeper into the Word of God to find the answer to the issue at hand (“The Fall”).  And the theory, well there is no theory, only truth.  So the only thing left to do is to “Crown Him.”

This album is a must have for your collection.  Quality production and energetic lyrics lift the CD pass the mark.  There are a couple of joints that get the infamous ‘skip’ button, but overall The Thesis is a strong effort by Ambassador out of the Cross Movement camp.








Overall Quality




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