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I remember back in 2000 when I picked up Sean Slaughter’s debut album (on cassette of all things) and after giving it a listen, I knew there was something special about this artist. He was spitting the gospel in a peculiar fashion and he had gritty east coast rhymes, which is a great combination for a Christian emcee. It’s now five years later and I’m sitting here reviewing Slaughter’s latest release titled ‘Die Another Day’.

‘Die Another Day’ is east coast rap at it’s finest, it’s as simple as that. The album starts off with a sprint in the lead single ““Die Daily”.” I first heard this track on DJ I Rock Jesus’ radio show, and after that first time, I fell in love with the track. This is a powerful track with some of the rawest lyrics you’ll ever hear from Sean Slaughter. It’s even good enough to get airplay on secular radio stations, in my opinion; and I’ll say that this is the song that people will remember him by (or make him known, whichever comes first). And the album just moves on from there with other heated lyrical gems such as “”You Gon See”,” ““Block Musik”,” and “”Pop Off”.”

Alongside his strong lyricism, Sean Slaughter doesn’t forget that the gospel is the purpose behind his music. This is evidenced in tracks like “”Don’t Cry”,” ““Jonah in the 21 st Century”,” and ““The Champion”.” ““Don’t Cry”” is Sean’s own rendition of the story of Job told through the medium of rap music. It’s in this song where he uses this story to encourage his family & friends that they will come out on the other side to see the light of day. ““Jonah in the 21 st Century”” is a telling of the story of the prophet Jonah put in the setting of the 21 st century. Needless to say, this is a very interesting track and worth a good listen! And of course we know that Jesus is the King of kings, and “”The Champion”” is a depiction of a boxing match between the champion (Jesus) and satan; and of course, at the end you know Jesus comes out on top. Even in the midst of all these bangers, you also get some milder tracks with songs like ““Love Jones”” and “”Beautiful””.

Overall, this is a well rounded album and probably the strongest release to date from Sean Slaughter. ‘Die Another Day’ is one of those albums that you need to get your hands on this year, that’s real! The lyricism is raw and straight from NYC, and the flow is ripped to precision. The production on here is east coast underground and serves Sean Slaughter very well. This album will definitely put him on the map more than he already is; Sean Slaughter has officially blown up!

Release Date: March 31, 2005

Label: Slaughter Music

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1. Die Daily
2. Rap Musik
3. You Goin’ See
4. Love Jones
5. Suuuu
6. Fool
7. Pop Off
8. Block Musik
9. Don’t Cry
10. The Champion
11. Stadium Lightz
12. Jonah In The 21st Century
13. Burnin’
14. Beautiful
15. Undefeated


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