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Nureau Ink! Grab your bowls & spoons because AppleJaxx is finally here with his debut EP. He made his debut on Tonex’s Out the Box with the track “Doesn’t Really Matter” and since then people have been inquiring about this hip-hop prodigy. We didn’t have to wait long to hear more from him as he drops his 9 track EP, 805 P.O.P. (Piece of Pie). And that’s exactly what this project is; it’s only an introduction to this Nureau Ink delegate.

One of the things that AppleJaxx sets out to prove on this EP is that he’s a well rounded emcee who can mix it up at will. As proof of that, he gives us a taste of everything, from gritty underground tracks to poppin’ club joints and from conceptual themes to prophetic hip-hop. With a very futuristic introduction, the album gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the future when everyone has to receive the mark of the beast. The intro then transitions into the prophetic & futuristic “Nureau Anthem” featuring T.Bizzy. For this track, you have to imagine that it’s the year 2017 and Nureau has completely blown up the spot; at the same time, these eclectic rhymes warn of what’s also to come in a cashless society as we get closer to the end. This is a very prophetic track which lets us know that even though the world will be a mess, Nureau Ink will still be reppin’ Christ to the fullest until His return.

Now, let’s take a ride on the Cali freeway with “805.” This is a hype club joint that lets us know that we can be Christians and still have a good time. On the first verse AppleJaxx describes different places & people that he sees while driving down the freeway, and then moves into the second verse to let us know that God is the reason why he makes his music. “805” is all around fun, and Kimme’s (another Nureau delegate) female vocals take it to another level. All up in Club Virtue, AppleJaxx then comes strong with another body movin’ club joint in “Bleep.” This track isn’t what you think it might be; the word bleep is a word that’s used to grab the listener’s ear and pull them in. A definite head bobbin’ track, AppleJaxx again encourages Christians to have fun, but also lets the unsaved know that Christ gave His life for their souls and they can have fun in the Lord too.

After taking us to the club scene, AppleJaxx then takes us right to the streets with “Get Ready” featuring fellow Nureau Ink delegate Apostle 13 (aka A1). On this track these two emcees take on the challenge that Christian emcees can’t bring the heat like all these secular rappers can. With that as their motivation, AppleJaxx and A1 spit gritty street rhymes that let the world know that Christians can rhyme just as well, if not better than, these secular rappers and that they’re here to stay. With that being said, AppleJaxx stays in the streets and hits us with “Bonafide,” a rugged underground track. This is a very strong track over which he raps about standing firm in his beliefs, pressing towards the mark for Christ and just living his life in faith.

Next up is “Mind Over Matter” featuring T.Bizzy on the hook. This is a track which challenges the mindset of the listener; it asks them to change their old ways of thinking and to then take on the mind of Christ. The point of this song is that you can have the mind of Christ and still chill, have fun, and go to the Waffle House! AppleJaxx then slows it down a bit with “Memories” as he takes a look back at his life and just reminisces about everything from old TV sitcoms to walking around his high school campus. This is just a fun track as AppleJaxx shares a piece of his life with us.

The album closes out with us back at Club Virtue as AppleJaxx and T.Bizzy give us the track “Uptown.” This is a laidback club joint, in which they describe the happenings at Club Virtue. You can just imagine the place is packed full of Christians sipping on Martinellis at the bar and others out on the dance floor putting it down in Christ. It’s a perfect time of fellowship outside the four walls of the church; it’s a true Holy Ghost party.

Man, what can I say about this album? This project is topnotch, and that’s exactly what you expect from Nureau Ink. The packaging is so clean you need your shades on just to take a glimpse at it; the production by T.Bizzy and Wyzeguyz is straight bangin’; the flows are diverse and hit all their marks. For a debut album, you can’t get any better than this, and that’s the truth. This EP has underground, club and commercial appeal; there’s something for everyone to love on here. It’s clearly evident that AppleJaxx is here to stay and that he’s going to make BIG moves and propel Christian hip-hop into the mainstream! Let it be known, this is the best Christian hip-hop album I’ve ever heard, period.

Release Date: April 9th, 2005

Label: Fadacy Music

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1. Unite (Intro)
2. Nureau Anthem feat. T.Bizzy
3. 805 feat. Kimme
4. Bleep!
5. Get Ready feat. A 1
6. Bonafide
7. Mind Over Matter feat. Tonex
8. Memories feat. Tonex
9. Uptown feat. Tonex


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