How did your music career start?

Around the time that I gave my life to Christ I met a young cat (Enock – formerly of Cross Movement) who was rapping for the Lord. And I told him that I did the same thing (really I didn’t, I just wanted to be down) and we started a group together.

How did you accept Jesus in your life?
I grew up going to church on the weekends with my mom. And one week in the youth group I was asked to lead a service, to do so, I had to read the bible to get prepared. While reading I came across Psalm 90 and for the first time in my life I pondered the concept of eternity. From that point on it was only a matter of time before God had me in a position to hear what H is plan was to address the eternal issue of my sinful heart and His Holy standards. The messege of the Cross shined through Christian rap ministers that God allowed me to come into contact with and I gave my life to Christ.


How did you come up with "Phanatik"?

A teacher in one of my high school classes talked about religious fanatics of the past and how they would always take things too far. Me and Ambassador used to say that you can’t overdo something that’s been so underdone. So we were gonna be the ones who took things too far for Christ to make up for what others didn’t do. So the name phanatik seemed to fit perfectly.

 What do you want to achieve with your album (The Incredible Walk)?

I would like to see Christians awakened to the call to be that incredible new creature in Christ. Realizing that the Christian life is not impossible, rather it is incredible to witness, God’s power at work changing us day to day.


Who and what inspires you for your lyrics?

God’s viewpoint as it applies to the stuff of life. I’m always trying to convince or remind myself about what God has to say about a particular facet of life and eventually I’ll just start making those types of thoughts rhyme.

What's your favorite song in your album?

I really can’t choose one. Every song on the album is different. Creative in a different way, different style, different concept and content. It’s hard to choose.


Who are the guest appearances on "The Incredible Walk"?

A cat by the name of Shabach from NY who has an album out called “The Rebirth” and a guy by the name of Evangel from a group in Maryland called Christcentric.


What are your goals for this year of 2005?

To tour with CM and to go out as a soloist to rep The Incredible Walk. To be back in Lancaster Bible College in the fall.

How is it to be with Cross Movement?

I don’t know if I know how to answer that one, it’s what I am, that’s like asking a fish, “how is it to be a fish?” That’s all it knows.


What artists have you already worked and performed with?

My boys M.O.D. from London. Of course Truth and FLAME who are on CMR. A lot of the cats that are coming out of Philly.


What artist do you want to work with?

There is a guy by the name of Chris Rice who does like an alternative style/Christian rock kind of thing. His music really blesses and challenges me as an artist. I think a colab. with him would be cool.

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?

I think my “career” as a whole has been the kind of experience where it’s hard to break it down into individual moments. It all kind of blends together as an era not to be forgotten. But I think doing this album and pulling off the release party for it was definitely a highlight.


Are you working on any projects (present and future)?

Nah, right now I’m just trying to live in the reality of what’s been going on over the last year.


If you had to do another genre of music, what will it be and why?

“It aint nuttin like Hip-hop music.” I don’t think I could think about doing another kind of music. Not that I don’t like other genres just as much if not more than Hip-hop, it’s just I can’t see myself being enthused enough or possessing enough talent to do anything else. 



Any last words?
See you this summer