How did your rap career start?
I grew up in hip hop music with influnces such as NWA, Pac, Big, Nas,
Jigga, Run-DMC, Fugees and others.  Hip Hop and basketball mesh together.
So being a ball player I have always been connected to hip hop.  In 1997 I
started writing rhymes and freestyling but it was more on a silent level.
In 1999 I began to bring out out more and its been on since then!!

How did you come up with "Applejaxx"?
Christ said if you abide in me you bare good fruit, so thats Apple.
Jaxx is a cross reference to jacking something.  In Mark 1:16 Jesus told a
couple dudes to come and be fishers of men.  I am out to bare good fruit
and jack those in bondage and bring them to the light.  Put the 2 together
and you have Applejaxx

What do you want to achieve with your EP?
The EP is called 805 P.O.P., I want to show the diversity of the Applejaxx
style.  Each song provides a piece of what I do.  The purpose is to impact
and create quality music for everyone.

When will your LP come out?
I'm not sure when the LP will come out.  When it does it will change the

How is it to be with Nureau Ink?
Nureau ink is a family.  Its a culture and really dope to be apart of.  We
email, call or 2 way each other frequently.  We are all characters too.
For example I love wrestling and Ikea :)!!! Smell what the rock is cooking
:)!!  One of the classic moments is eating Mstonex's pasta dishes and
Auntie Robin's Apple Pies!!!

Who and what inspires you for your lyrics?
My lyrics are inspired by the GOD and the stuggles of life.  We have all
gone through things and I'm inspired to impact people by relating to their
problems and providing a new avenue of thinking.  My view point is in the
direction of how Christ reached people.  I love how the Lord was able to
stay relevant and still reach the culture inspite of church heads.

 What's your favorite song in your EP?
My favorite songs on the EP are Memories and 805.  Memories because its
really personal and a lot of people can relate to it.  805 is important
because in this song I pay tribute to Tonex by rhyming classic T.boy
lyrics.  The LP version will be different but for the EP I wanted to show
that I respect Tonex for what he has done in music.

Who are the guest appearances on your EP and will be in your LP?
EP: Tonex, Kimmie, Apostle 13
LP: Tonex, Danielle Harris, Apostle 13 and maybe more

What artists have you already worked and performed with?
I have worked with: Nureau ink artist
I have performed on the stage as: Souljahz, Detrick Haddon, Gibraan, Sev
Statik,Enoch, Platinum souls.
I'm in the process of working with: Macho & Dokument from the Tunnel Rats,
Bobby Bishop, EO and Manchild of marsill

What artist do you want to work with?
I want to work with Stacie Orrico, 4th Avenue Jones, Lauryn Hill, CM,
Remnant(Militia), Switchfoot and others!!

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?
The best thing would be hooking up with Tonex and becoming a part of the
Nureau Ink family

Are you working on anything else besides your LP?
The next project before the LP will be the EO 1.5 EP.  This EP is more
underground/street.  It will have some hot collabo's on this one too!!

If you had to do another genre of music, what will it be and why?
Rock because I love instruments and its so energizing to listen too!! Rock
music can get you hype then sometimes its great to listen to for
stories!! Dope stuff

How did you accept Jesus in your life?
I was at church and my pastor preached a sermon, God convicted me and I
got right!!!

What's your favorites…?
Food: Chinese, Soul, Pasta
Movie:  All the Friday's, Born Identity series, Omega Code
Sport: Basketball
Rapper: Jay-Z, Faathom Unseen, L.P.G., EM and Royce
Producer: T.bizzy, Dre, JD, DJ DUST
Country:  US
State:  CT
Music:  Hip Hop
Bible verse:  Proverbs 3:4-6

Any last words?
Make sure you get tasty cookies and milk after dinner