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Review – Shai Linne – Solus Christus Project

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“Cats be like ‘Shai, man! You preaching to the choir!’ I’m like ‘Dog, have you seen some of these choirs?’ They need to be preached to. . . ”

Last year, Lampmode Records broke out onto the scene by introducing Timothy Brindle to the hip hop world, with a straight-forward focus and a spectacular soundtrack that arrested the listener’s attention. Timothy Brindle in turn introduced Shai Linne, a guest rapper on The Great Awakening . Finally, after much anticipation, Shai Linne and Lampmode Records combine to bring us The Solus Christus Project , the solo debut release.

Featuring the same determination as his label mate, The Solus Christus Project engages the audience with what Shai Linne calls “lyrical theology,” or “the study of God within the context of hip hop.” Indeed, lyrically, the album goes leagues beyond most albums on the market, providing expository preaching on passages of the Bible, as well as challenging thoughts from the heart. Shai Linne brings this message with a solid and impactful delivery, setting himself apart as hip hop’s resident apologist. Noteworthy tracks include Christ Crucified which speaks of the only hope in this sinful world, My Portion which details the fulfillment that awaits Christians in Heaven, and Justified which serves up a sermon on Romans 3:12.

The production was handled largely by Deejay Essence, the resident LampMode DJ who really knocked it out of the park. Every track hits hard with well-composed beats and a deft touch of sampling. Official chipped in on a few of the beats as well adding to the overall enjoyment of the album. It’s an arduous task to dress such complex and convicting text in a skin that appeals to a broad audience, but that goal is attained with this project. The soundtrack is so appealing that more than choirs will want to give it aa spin. The Solus Christus Project may be one of those releases that don’t too much press, but it’s definitely a worth sitting down and giving a good listen.

Release Date: Mar 10, 2005

Label: Lampmode Records

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1. Intro
2. Random Thoughts
3. Christ Crucified
4. Mic Check 1.2 (Featuring Stephen the Levite & Phanatik)
5. Heart First (Remix)
6. Solus Christus
7. Worldwideweb (Featuring Cruz Cordero)
8. Dark Night of the Soul
9. My Portion
10. Lyrical Theology Interlude
11. Justified
12. Angelz (Featuring Timothy Brindle & Evangel)
13. Lift Him Up
14. Memoirs
15. Outro


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