Interview – Bobby Bishop

What do you want to achieve with your new album?
I guess you can say there's a lot I wish to achieve, man.
I'm at a place in my ministry where I recognize the harvest if ripe for Jesus in hiphop. My desire was to make a record that put my own tastes on the backburner and make something palatable for a wide audience. I wanted to make a record that will be embraced by all different crowds, so that I'm not pigeonholed into a category. This will hopefully open more doors to the message of Jesus Christ. That and I just wanted to make a dope record.

 Why did you call the album "Government name"?
The whole theme comes down to being who God created, and being pleased and content with growing into what He wants you to become. A lot of times people mistake the Bishop in my name for a title, as in "The Bishop Bobby" because they know I'm a pastor as well, or they think I had to "Christianize" my name. Bishop is actually my last name, though…

Who and what inspired you for your lyrics?
As usual for me, my youth in my city inspired much of them. This whole Beatmart experience and God's providence also inspired much of the record.

How did you hook up with Beatmart?
I've been sending Todd stuff via KJ-52 since about 1998-99. Years ago Todd planned to put out a project that I was "on" but he took another direction at that time, to my dismay. God had a plan for me to grow the heck up, though, and when KJ and Sev hit me up to do a cameo on "Best of the Submissions Volume 1", Todd liked what I sent him, and he also liked my business/work ethic. That grew into a licensing deal, which has grown into a long-term artist deal with the 'Mart.

How do you feel being with Beatmart?
Blessed! The Collins brothers have some heat up their sleeves, man, it really looks like this thing is going to be BIG. Obviously, we're in infant stages, so patience is key, but God's doing things for certain. They've made me part of the family, I'll be with Beatmart as long as they'll have me!

What's your favorite song in "Government Name"?
Hard to say…I think my favorite themed song "Pursuing Amy." It's a follow-up to "Amy's Song." Pee Wee Callins drops the heat in that one, he's bananas. ("Street Soul" drops April 22 on Beatmart)
I also really love the jam I did with Pigeon john and Sev Statik, called "Show Love." It just talks about setting new standards in music as Christians by supporting one another!!! My verse on that jam isn't even my hottest verse on the record, but those two brought their A-games to the table for certain…

Who are the guest appearances on "Government Name"?
Pee Wee Callins, Sev Statik, Pigeon John, KJ-52, Manchild

What are your goals for this new year of 2005?
Well, this record comes out March 22, and the plan is to get it to as many ears as possible. Beatmart has marketing and publicity in place, and is working on some booking possibilities. In the meantime, it's the same grind I've been on for years! I really aspire to have opportunity to minister and see lives changed.

If you can have anyone on your album who would it be? And why?
Ahh man….truthfully I was already asked that question and got my wishes (Todd made some calls). All the guests on the record are huge influences on me, they're all talented, talented artists.
If things take off like I hope they will, the list I made of future cameos includes Toby Mac, Mat Kearney, and Kanye West.

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?
The Beatmart deal, definitely. They've caught my vision, and I've caught their's…

Are you working on any (present and future) projects?
I'm playing a fairly major role in the Best of the Submissions Vol. 2 mixtape, recruiting that heat! Don't get me wrong, that's Morph's baby, but I'm overseeing a few of the songs and appearing on several jams as well.

If you had to do another genre of music (then Hip Hop), what would it be and why?
Can't even answer that….I guess sometimes when I see a rock band really "rocking out" I think it would be a rush to just hammer on a guitar…but overall, rap's sort of my tunnel vision.

What's your favorite:
Easy: my wife makes corn beef w/rice/potatoes/corn and platanos maduros…off the meter….
Not to jump on the bandwagon, but Napoleon Dynamite is hillarious…it has to grow on ya, but once it does, it's great.
Lil Wayne. (psyche) Probably Manchild. As a whole packaged artist, I really feel Kanye too.
Bible Verse: Revelation 3:16 is one that's been touching me recently: "So because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth." Not too cheery or warm, but real. God wants 100% of us if we expect Him to use us. This verse is conviction, really.

Any last words?
Just thanks for supporting this scene worldwide!!


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