Interview – KJ-52

What do you want to achieve with your new album?
This record is a lot more personal.. so part of what I'm trying to achieve is just taking people "behind the music" to me, etc.. but also what I'm trying to achieve is just continuing to build on the foundation of the last few albums etc..
So basically trying to elevate and also trying to take people deeper and more personal.
My goal was to do everything better this time around.. the serious stuff is that much more serious and the funny stuff is that much more funny.. etc… the hip hop stuff… you get the idea.
I also had the biggest hand in this lp compared to all the others.
I produced and/or helped produce about half the album.

How do you feel producing half the songs on your album?


KJ in Holland, picture by John Rood

It was great but it was also hard… it's one thing to craft just the lyrics but to also craft the track … it saps up that much more of your creative juices, so to speak,
but it was cool.. I'm very proud of what I did .. but I also have to give a lot of credit to Todd Collins for helping to walk me through that process.

Why did you call the new album "Behind the Musik"?
Because this album is about taking people behind the music of my life to me… and taking people behind the music to the message: Christ.

Why did you spell it like that??
It's spelled that way so we don't get sued, haha, from VH1.

Who and what inspired you for the production and lyrics?
Life.. true stories.. stuff I wanted to get off my chest… the Holy Spirit
stuff like that.


KJ at SWC 2005, picture by Philip Rood

What's your favorite song in "Behind the Musik"?
Hmmm thats a tough one, honestly, I can't say.
It's like trying to pick your favorite kid.
I can give you my top 5 or so:
Life after Death
Behind the Music
Right Here
Call on You…
those are my 4, right now at least.

Who are the guest appearances on "Behind the Musik"?
Goldin Child (kid who used to rap w/ me back in the day)
Rebecca St. James
Jeremy Camp
Donnie Lewis
Seth Ready
Jon Micha from Kutless
oh yeah
Brynne Sanchez

What are your goals for this new year of 2005?
Man.. just continuing to elevate and see the vision that God placed on my heart years ago become more and more of a reality,
expanding and growth, etc…

If you could have anyone contribute on your album, who would it or they be?


KJ at SWC 2005, picture by Philip rood

Ummmm, this sounds trite, but to be honest I can't think of anyone.
Mainly cuz I don't sit down and say I want this person etc..
I do guest appearances based on the song ya know?

So w/out really having any trax it's hard to say.
That's really how that works plus I've worked with so many people the list has gotten shorter.

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?
Man.. good?
The best thing is really just a combo of best things,
really it's just anytime I hear that someone is touched by a song, etc..
to me that's what it's all about.
Whether it's a salvation or a rededication or just meeting a need,
that's what makes it all worth it.

Are you working on any (present and future) projects?
Not really, things will start cranking soon though.

If you had to do another genre of music (then Hip Hop), what would it be and why?
Maybe rock.. hmmm.. I dont know. Nah, I can't say that. I wouldn't really do any other genre.
I like hip hop

What's your favorite:
Food: Spanish
Movie: Hmm, Napoleon Dynamite
is right now
Sport: Football
Rapper: That's hard,
 too many to choose
Producer: Neptunes or Timbaland,
 so I'll say Neptimbaland.
Country: USA
State: Florida
City: Ummm,
 too many to pick
Street? just kidding
Music: Hip hop c'mon!

Bible Verse: Proverbs 18:24

Any last words?  Go check out and pick up the new KJ LP on FEB 1st, shameless plug.


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