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Interview – Sean Slaughter


What do you want to achieve with your new album?
Platinum sales, Platinum souls.  I want this album to raise the bar in Holy Hip Hop

Why did you call it "Die Another Day"?

Because we stand for Jesus, everyday we are "like sheep to the slaughter".  Someone is assassinating us with a look, comment, slander, persecution, whatever.  Just because we live for jesus.

Who and what inspired you for your lyrics?

MTV, BET and the hottest rappers out.  These are the ones I'm fighting for souls and they are the one who are doing music with excellence right now.

 What's your favorite song in "Die Another Day"?
Die Daily

Who are the guest appearances on "Die Another Day"?

vocals: Janine Price, Lavoisier the MC, Jamilla, DNA, K-Drama, Shabach, Inhuman.  producers: Logic beats, 4sight sounds, P.i.c.a.s.s.o, Relic, Marko Polo, Quest

What are your goals for this new year 2005?

50,000 units sold, the release of my wife's new book "Rags to Riches", the power of God more event in our concerts.

If you could have anyone on your album, who would it be?

mabey nas or 2 pac.  nah, mos def.

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?

We had a kid from france that was about to committ suicide because his father passed suddenly.  He saw us on TBN and was encouraged and decided not to die.  Now he's a faithful drummer at his church.  Nothin' but God.

Are you working on any projects?

We just finished the new project "Die Another Day" which will be avaliable online (www.slaughtermusic.com) for mp3 purchase very soon.  The instore release will be in March. It will be distributed by EMG.

If you had to do another genre of music (then Hip Hop), what will it be and why?

Probaly prophetic worship because it get you to the throne of God.  I would have to learn to play piano though!

What's your favorite…?

Food: roast lamb
Movie:  meet the parents (one of the many favorites)
Sport:  basketball
Rapper:  shabach
Producer: neptunes
Country: usa
State: new york…new york!  my hometown baby
Music:  hip hop
Bible verse:  john 7:68
Any last words? talk the talk, then walk the walk.


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