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Review – Manafest ‘My Own Thing’

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They must eat pretty well in Canada! When I was in college, I had a pastor that used to say, if you don’t work—you don’t eat (message to the brothers that ain’t trying to do something to make some type of cheddar). I’ve never met Manafest in person, but I figure he must be hefty, fat, etc., because he’s been eating well. This cat has been putting in work. Just one listen to his latest CD, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­My Own Thing, you will see that this brother has put much time and effort into this record.

I found myself bobbin’ my head to many of the tracks. Manafest shows his versatility, flowing to smooth beats (i.e., “The Ladies” & “The One”) and to hardrock-laced tracks like “Stressed Out” & “Changes”. Hip hop heads will appreciate the flow that Manafest displays on joints like “Downtown” and “The Questions”. “Down Town” skillfully displays the goings on in the urban environment, while making excellent uses of the Funkadelic sample from “Let’s Take It to the People”, also used by A Tribe Called Quest on The Low End Theory. Manafest displays a story teller’s confidence on “My Life”, staying focused, while introspectively and honestly talking about his past and present struggles.

Production on the record was a nice surprise, especially for an independently released record (I believe this record is getting picked up and will be released by a label). Heads will feel the boom bap attack on My Own Thing; even the skater-styled bap on “What I Got to Say”. Another surprise on this record was the use of scratches (provided by DJ Versatile). Scratches on CDs these days are a rare commodity, but Manafest and DJ Versatile use them with wise and well placed execution, as if every cut is thought out and intentional.

Lastly, Manafest does an excellent job at sharing the message of Christ throughout My Own Thing, for peeps inside and outside of the four walls. This record is definitely worth adding to your collection. I wouldn’t doubt if you continue to hear strong efforts from Manafest in the future.

Release Date: December 02, 2003

Label: Manafest Productions

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1. Intro/What Up
2. Down-Town
3. My Own Thing
4. What I Got To Say
5. Toronto (Interlude)
6. U Don’t Know Me
7. Manafesto
8. My Life
9. Feel It
10. Coffee Shop (Interlude)
11. Slang Talkin’
12. Childs Of Light
13. Manazone
14. The Ladies
15. The One
16. Losing My Mind (Interlude)
17. Stressed Out
18. The Questions
19. Changes


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