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Review – Pinnacle Rhythms ‘Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty’

Review – Pinnacle Rhythms ‘Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty’

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What do you get when you bring together some of Christian hip-hop’s greatest emcees and one of its hottest producers? Something different… for a change. What you get is Pinnacle Rhythms and Shadow of the Locust bringing you ‘Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty’: a hip-hop compilation surfacing from the depths of the underground of underground.

Like the liner notes say, this is definitely something different, for a change; but at the same time, it’s very familiar. The production and rhymes aren’t like anything you’ve really heard in your everyday Christian hip-hop; the production is very dark and dreary (yet bangin’), and a lot of the rhymes follow suite. What makes this album familiar are the names that you’ll find on this album; artists on this album include Dirt (not Dert), Braille, Stu Dent, Luke Geraty, Wordz, and many others.

So let’s get to the music, shall we? Set from the genesis with “Triumph,” the mood for this album is carried throughout. Dark beats with forceful lyrics that are right in your face. Lines like “What side of your brain did you just judge me with? What side of your heart did you just cut me with? What kind of mess did you just stick me with? Blacker than licorice, better decide who you stickin with!” give a glimpse of what is to come with the remainder of the album.

Even though a lot of these songs are dark, there is a positive message of Christ that shines through in each of the rhymes. Tracks like “Calvary” and “One Second” are perfect examples of how the message is brought forth. In “ Calvary ” Frontlynaz set their story at the cross with Jesus and the two thieves, and go from there to give the point-of-view of the thieves that were being crucified with Jesus; it is in this track that they show the type of people that Jesus willingly died for so that they might have life. And immediately following that track is “One Second” by Vessel of Christ, who tells the story of a plane that’s about to crash, but shows how the flight attendant is able to lead everyone to Christ before they die in the crash.

That’s what this album is all about; it’s all about spreading good news over eerie hip-hop beats. There isn’t much wrong with this album, other than there could have been more upbeat production. Why? The darkness of all the beats just kind of wears on you throughout the course of the album. But at the same time, the artists are able to make up for this with their intriguing lyricism and storytelling. This album is the talk of the underground, and that’s for a very good reason. This is a very solid album that was almost three years in the making. The wait was well worth it because this is a quality product.

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1. Triumph (feat. Shaun B, Wize, Sfc, Dirt)
2. Independent Superstars (feat. Wordz)
3. Too Loud (feat. Luke Geraty)
4. Damascus (Featuring Dirt)
5. Shine (feat. Braille)
6. Dead Like Me (feat. Stu Dent)
7. Calvary (Featuring Frontlynaz)
8. One Second (feat. Vessel of Christ)
9. Be Real (feat. Judah Priest)
10. Four Corners (feat. Attiq Yomin)
11. Quicksand (feat. Cheo, Nicole Jamison)
12. Based On a True Story (feat. Sfc of Frontlynaz)
13. Militant Minds (feat. Judah Priest, Sistah Dee)
14. Instrumentalude
15. Heavy Mettle (feat. Shaun B, Weapons of War)
16. Forgotten Legacy (feat. Lord Knowledge)
17. Epiphany in Stereo
18. Ocean City Sunrise


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