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He has come a LONG way since his recording debut with Cross Movement, on Heavens Mentality back in the mid 90’s. After experiencing numerous problems, in having to change producers, at the last minute prior to release, and having the LP pushed back for months, Enock’s solo debut in AWEthentic is finally in record stores. An integral part of the Much Luvv family, Enock is set and primed to stand on his own. A very raw and introspective LP, AWEthentic is like a testimony of the person behind the artist in Juan James. The LP begins with Nocktroduction, an eerie, spaced out musical piece courtesy of A-Fect, where Enock expounds on some of the reasons and concepts behind the album and why it was pushed back for so long, and so on. The Stikk produced Liberation is a fitting track in welcoming the listener to the artist. Enock displays impressive wordplay over a synthesized choice, claiming to be one of the most “slept on emcees in the game,” and to “sleep if you want, keep tappin’ that snooze button,” making for a pleasurable listen. Truth Be Told does exactly what the title indicates, a bold and personal track filled with stories of Enock’s childhood and sexual struggles, with a profound message. Though the beat does not fit the concept well, a dark, mellow track would have fit the song concept much better. Hypnotic keys courtesy, once again, of Stikk accompany the single Runnin.’ Enock states on the hook “I’m on the run; from the women, and the daisy denim, and the lazy linen, man everyday we sinnin.” Stikk provides a head banger on this track, destined for the repeat button. The whole Much Luvv crew shows up on Cy produced Next Up. Enock flows first over another Stikk track, followed by strong wordplay from fellow label mates in Cy, Mark J, Tre-9 and Col Cutz. A more aggressive topic is covered in Who R U? Nock comes in battle mode to kill noise being talked about himself and his emceeing, asking “who are you to tell me how to emcee? I’m not bound by your opinion of me.” One of the strongest cuts on AWEthentic is Still Here, reminiscent of a Just Blaze, Dunkenstein brings a synthetic symphony over a riding bass line. Enock explains trials and tribulations of his life, getting kicked out of his house as a child, having to do a show the same night he got out of jail, getting his girlfriend pregnant at 17, and going through life’s ups and downs, while exclaiming “I’m still here,” ending a strong debut from Enock. Consistent flows, and strong vocals will give your ear a check on AWEthentic. It is made very clear that Enock, and the Much Luvv camp, are still here and are not going anywhere.

Release Date: September 16, 2003

Label: Much Luvv Records

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1. Nocktroduction
2. Liberation
3. Change
4. Too Raw
5. Truth Be Told
6. Runnin
7. We (feat. Tre 9)
8. Next Up (feat. Mark J, Tre 9, ColCutz)
9. Real
10. Conference Skit
11. Who R U?
12. Still Here

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