Interview – Sharlock Poems (of LA Symphony)

How did your rap career start?
Writting poetry and freestyling here and there.
Also rapping along with some of my favorite emcee's at the time.

How did you come up with “Sharlock Poems”?
Sharlok is A combination of my three birth names.
Poems came from my beginings with poetry.
When I got saved I felt I God gave me my calling.
So putting the two together ment completion to part of
the rest of my life.

What do you want to achieve with your new album (The Movement)?
I want people to fill A since of freedom and
strength.There's power in words and our words can kill
or create dreams When spoken.The dreams we have God
want's to give us.But we can't dream if were afraid to
live out what God has put in us.So want "The Movement"
to achieve movement towards greater things for us all.

Who and what inspired you for your lyrics?
Life,life has inspired my lyrics.The ups the downs
the goods the bads the joys and pains.All of these
things are apart of me every day.Weather I fill it
directly or If I see A friend or total stranger go
threw it.I fill and need A way to express.For this
there is no better way then song. 

What is your favourite song in the album (The Movement)?
Dead Beat Dad,Because I'm what some would call A
fatherless child.Also every Woman on Mom's side of the
family are single mothers.That includes my gandmother
They were my exapmles of  Strength and sacrifice.

 Who are the guest appearance in the album (The Movement)?
Terry McFly,Great Jason a.k.a j-beits and Light

How is it to have your ablum releasing with Gotee records?
It's A great thing for me to work with people that
belive in the music God has chosen to release threw

What artists have you already worked and performed with?
Mars Ill,Light Headed,Wisdom One,The Procussions and
Dj Maj,

What artist do you want to work with?
There's way to many to name

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?
Getting A chance to effect live's threw A God given

Are you working on any future projects?
LA Symphony is working on new material due to
release some time next year.

If you had to do another genre of music, what will it be and why?
Drumb and Bass because I love the abstract aproach
the artist take to it.Also so I could find Esthro and
get to sing on a couple of songs.

How did you get born again?
My mom became a addict of crack cocaine when I was
twelve years old. At this time nmy grand mother took me
Three years later she died from a stroke.One of my
friends(Terry McFly) had been invitting me to church
for A long time.My grand mother was the strength and
encouragement in my life.So when she died I went
looking for that.So one day I gave in and went to
church.After refuse to go up and recieve christ three
times.I couldn't deny him anymore his love was to
strong to push away.So on January 22,1992 I gave my
life to Christ and here I am.

What’s your favourite…?

Food: Soul Food
Movie: The Usual Suspects
Country: USA
State: Ca
Sport: Basket Ball
Rapper: GIft of Gab
Producer: RjD2
Music: HipHop
Bible verse: 2 Corinthians 1:3 

Any last words?
Check out "The Movement"
Peace and Blessings

What do you think?


Written by Rapzilla

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