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How did you start your rap career?
I started back in 1997, while rapping w/ Mass Reality. I started off heading up the crew back in 1994, then artistically I started beatboxing & freestyling in cyphers. Then about 2 years later, my pen started getting active & the rest is history.

How did you come up with “Reconcile” and "Big Rec"?
My whole life is about reconciliation, abotu bringing people together–bringing people back to who they are through introduction to th Most High. The whole theme of reconciliation, or "bridging the gap", "repairing the breach"–they run throughout my family. We're all bridgebuilders of sorts–whether it be amongst different races, different religions, or just people from different walks of life in general. "Rec" is obviously just short for Reconcile, but it's also what I catch on the mic! "BIG Rec" just came to be because of my size–I'm not a small dude. So in a nutshell, that's how the name came to be.

What do you want to achieve with your new album?
Chronciles [The Lineage, Life & Legacy]: I want the listener to roll with my down a journey of my life–I want them to "read my autobiography." As a result of me putting my life experiences on the table, I desire that they examine their own past [Lineage], present [Life] & future [Legacy] and determine to make something of each part of their lives.

Who and what inspires you for your lyrics?
God, family, loved ones and real life, creativity, my crew all inspire me for my lyrics. The heaviest of them all would be REAL LIFE. I feel that making a connection is crucial, even moreso than "getting a message across." I don't do my music to "witness" per se; I do my music because I was created to do so. This was fashioned in me as a means to express myself artistically. As a result of true artistry, my life comes out. This is where I think people will have more of a real connection with my music, whether they agree with my beliefs or not. I speak reality, truth, real life. I speak what I feel the need to speak on & let God do the rest.

 What's your favourite song in your album?
Honestly, I haven't made up my mind yet. No joke, I have like 8 of them. My top three though would have to be "Process" with my homie Dras' (from Remnant), "Many Waters"–a song about my heritage–and "Under The nfluence", which speaks on the strugglebetween good & evil in our humanity. That's real talk right there man, real talk.

Who are the guest appearances on your album?
Of course, I got my MR family on there–past & present, Drastic (of The Remnant), my first cousin OmniBlaize, and vocalists CoCo Jones (of RXN)–look out for her, y'all–and Byron Davis. The LP also features production from my lil' brother FirstBorn & the homie Terse (both from MR), Construct (of The Remnant), Sho'Tyme (of Resistance) and one of the hottest newcomers out, T-Rex.

What artists have you already worked and performed with?
I've worked with Remnant, Mars ILL, Tunnel Rats, Procussions, Sev Statik, Sharlok Poems, 2Mex (of the Visionaries) & countless others; I've performed with several of the above, in addition to Lil' Scrappy, Camp 8, GRITS, Mr. Del, KJ-52, Out of Eden, Lightheaded, Braile, Othello, Omega Watts, LA Symph and others as well.

What artist do you want to work with?
I'd love to work with Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, The Roots, Chali 2Na, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious); production-wise: Kanye, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Hi-Tek.

What was the best thing that happened in your music career?
Honestly, when I decided to get serious about my writing. That's when everything came together. It's also when I realized that this was a major part of breathing, my true passion. Ever since then, I've been on a mission to bring real music to the block. i want the whole earth to hear what's in me. Between that & meeting my crew, nothing measures up career-wise. MR was the vehicle through which "Big Rec" came to be. I thank God for my crew–that's my fam for real.

Are you working on any future projects?
Yup, I have a few collabos & side projects underway that I can't really speak on as yet, but let's just say you'll hear my voice quite a bit in 2005.

How is it to be part of Mass Reality?
It's a beautiful thing. These are morte than "bandmates"–they really are my family. We all came up together at some point of our college years, ranging from 1994-1999. We're still together, plotting to take over the earth….and havign a great time doing it. It's truly a blessing to be connected with people with the same passion for artistry & truth.

If you had to do another genre of music, what will it be and why?
I'd have to say jazz, simply because it's the only genre apart from hip hop that has made a lasting impact on me. Now I'm no jazz historian by any means, but there are so many ties between hip hop & jazz, that I couldn't choose something else if I wanted to. I do rap music because hip hop is a part of me.

What's missing in Christian Hip Hop?
I honestly am not sure–I've kind of limited myself from listening to much Christian hip hop music lately. Honestly, not much has been moving me lately, besides the latest Remnant joint. So if anything I can say is missing, it would be true artistry & the ability to connect with the listener beyond just conveying a message. The thing that stood out about people like Tupac, was his ability to connect with the listener emotionally. Whether I agreed with what he was saying at any given point was really irrelevant–I FELT HIM!!! Right now, what I mostly see in "Christian Hip Hop" is people trying really hard to convey the message of the gospel…which, of course, there's nothing wrong with. It'
s just that when one communicates from within, to where their LIFE conveys the message moreso than their words, it becomes more personal; it connects with the inside of the listener. Yet, when one communicates from an "obligation" to preach or to minister, it has the tendency to come across with little depth. This is what I have personally experienced in listening to a lot of Gospel rap music throughout the years.

How did you accept Jesus in your life?
Simply put. I was introduced to Christ at a Vacation Bible School Summer Camp at age 7. Did the altar call thing, but didn't really live it until 14 after attending a Church meeting. Made a commitment to live a life pleasing to God, and the rest is history.

What’s your favourite…?

Food: Lasagna/Pizza/Jambalaya

Movie: Coming to America

Sport: Football

Rapper: Talib Kweli/Di'eLeCT (MR)/Gift of Gab (Blackalicious)

Producer: FirstBorn (MR)/Construct (Remnant)/Kanye West

Country: USA

State: Louisiana
Music: Hip Hop
Bible verse: Isaiah 58:12–that's my life


How is it to be artist of the month on Rapzilla?
It's cool. I really appreciate the opportunity.


Any last words?
Much respect to RapZilla for the free promo. Much love & respect to my fam Mass Reality. Whatup cash, whatup C1? Much love to all my peers in this music thing–keep it movin…give the people REAL music. To everybody reading this joint: if you haven't pre-ordered the joint, COP BIG REC'S CHRONICLES–!!! I promise…y'all won't regret it! One Love, One Body, 12:12!

What do you think?


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