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Sackcloth Fashion’s MaxOne (fka as Mr. Tru) has been rocking mics for longer than most people care to know. Since the early 90’s to be exact. The only negative is that, over 10 years into the game, he is just now releasing his first official solo material in the name of The Wonder Years EP. Behind the boards, exclusively, is, keeping it in the family, none other than Syntax commander and chief Sir ROCDOMZ. The EP is just a glimpse into the talents that behold MaxOne, running merely 6 tracks and little over 20 minutes deep. However, the release is chalk-full of bonus tracks and exclusive material, dating all the way back to flip-it-90’s rhyme styles, and more recent compilation works.

The EP begins with an account of ‘fate or fiction?’ in “Chance?” touching on whether or not our everyday happenings and encounters are by merely chance, or by divine fate. Perhaps the most compelling track on the EP is the Def Shepard (RedCloud, Man Of War) collective “Side By Side By Side.” RedCloud, MaxOne, and Man Of War take respective turns ripping 8 bar verses over the track’s melodically redundant loops, in which the trio flows the infectiously fresh hook in unison: “side by side by side we ride/we’ll climb on a plane, or drive through the night/side by side by side we rhyme/you name the date, the place and time.” The only other track worthy of mention is “I Will Not Stop,” a testimony in which MaxOne insists that, no matter what the circumstances, he will not stop.

In 6 tracks running, The Wonder Years leaves little room for error. Unfortunately, tracks like “Moves” and “What You’re Doing” have very little replay value and wear out the ears fast, giving the overall presence of the EP an empty feeling. However, it is about time that the Sackcloth emcee released some solo material, as he proves time and time again that he is fully capable of riding a beat in fashion, and the extensive amount of bonus material gives The Wonder Years a little more than it’s face value.

Release Date: January 1, 2005

Label: Syntax Records

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1. Chance
2. Side By Side By Side
3. What You’re Doing
4. Moves
5. I Will Not Stop
6. Well Rounded
7. I Got The Clearance (1992)
8. Up Ya Nose (1992)
9. Dead Men’s Bones (1994)
10. Steez (1994)
11. Verbal Eyes (1996)
12. Jungle (1996)
13. Urban Soldiers (1999)
14. This Fear of Hip Hop (1999)
15. Pulling a Fast One RMX (2000)
16. I’m a Lie (2000)


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