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Review – Corey Red & Precise ‘Resistance Iz Futile’

Review – Corey Red & Precise ‘Resistance Iz Futile’
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At last… EP’s, compilations, mixtapes and guest appearances aside, Corey Red & Precise have finally released their debut album, via Life Music, in Resistance Iz Futile . Street savvy veterans, Red & Precise have witnessed their fair share of hardships in life and rightfully so, struggles and street-tales are aplenty on their entry LP. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the late-90’s Mark of the East compilation you were introduced to the NY-duo on the eminent “Six Million Ways” track. It’s been almost a year since the duo released their Resistance Iz Futile prequel EP, and to the dismay of impatient rap fans the group took their long-awaited time releasing the actual LP. Intact, 5 years later the Bronx bombers are back with a vengeance, it‘s just hard to believe that Resistance Iz Futile could be considered their “debut.”

The LP opens with “Bump In Da Night” and “We In Here,” two familiar street bangers made courtesy of the EP released last winter by the tandem. “The Martyr’s Anthem,” dedicated to the late Daniel “D-Boy” Rodriguez (who was fatally shot in 1991 outside his NY apartment), the East Coast influenced Corey Red solo “What’s Goin’ On?” and the hypnotic, Ray Gunz-produced “Let There Be Light” are three of the stronger tracks enduring the first half of the LP. New Jersey native Todd Bangz shows up behind the boards on “Q & A.” Behind a congruous piano melody Red & Precise beg “If you could stand next to God and ask Him a question; what would it be? (think fast, think fast…) And what do you think would be his reply?/Could you handle it, or would your whole wig fry?”

The second half of Resistance Iz Futile holds some of the more solid cuts on the LP. “Propaganda” keeps an end-times theme finding Corey desperately portraying what’s to come when Christ returns to earth. The track is laced with sound effects, vocal chops and dramatic strings. “Lyrical Biblical” turned out to be a simple instrumental given to Jehovah by Red & Precise, who then gave it back to Red & Precise and said “tell ‘em what I told ya’.” Resistance Iz Futile tails off with four of the strongest cuts on the album in “No Grey Lines” (a re-done version of the same track featured on the Fashion Expo Compilation LP), the story of Jesus’ death (“Gethsemane”), “Scattered Sheep” and the eerie title track finale.

The long-awaited full length from the NY tandem was, cliché’s aside, well worth the wait. The only downside is some of the vocals and verses seemed sporadic at times, seeming as if they were done in one take, when retakes should have been deemed necessary. Regardless, with a much stronger push in the Christian and general market I believe Resistance Iz Futile could make headlines. With the record releasing in late Spring and still not being promoted as it could be, whether or not that push will be, well… pushed is yet to be seen.

Release Date: May 25, 2004

Label: Life Music

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1. Bump in ‘Da Night
2. We in Here
3. The Martyr’s Anthem
4. The Passion
5. What’s Goin’ On?
6. Let There Be Light
7. A Prayer 4 Hip-Hop
8. Da’ Matrix Joint
9. Q & A
10. Jesus Saves
11. Christ Out
12. Da’ Jam
13. Propaganda
14. Mr. Funny Man (Skit)
15. Lyrical Biblical
16. No Grey Lines
17. Gethsemane
18. Scattered Sheep
19. Resistance Iz Futile


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