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Remember this name. Scribbling Idiots. The super crew compiled of mic veterans and up-and-coming emcees and producers, bring to the table their first affiliate release in Scribbling Idiots Present: JustMe & Cas Metah. The LP features an array of guests, most notably CunninLynguists, Pigeon John and Sintax the Terrific. Production on the album is handled mostly by JustMe, with a couple tracks from crew members Re:Flex the Architect and MattmaN, respectively. The LP showcases versatility in many different aspects, perhaps most notably in the area of production, throughout the near 50 minutes in running.

The LP opens with the overtly humble ‘starving artist’ ballad in ““Buy My CD”,” where JustMe openly suggests that “it’s like, if I was blonde with boobs/than my music wouldn’t have to appeal to you.” It was entertaining to hear the emcee’s plead with the public to invest in their music, and although the message may be exaggerated it is not all too far-fetched in the underworld of independent hip-hop. ““Moneyluvinmusic”” brings in the help of underground icons CunninLynguists. Featuring a simplistic organ melody, the emcees expound on the oft-tendencies of mainstream artists boasting about cash and material worth. Mouf Warren lends a hand on ““Image Of Me”,” a fresh backdrop courtesy of Re:Flex the Architect, where JustMe and Cas take turns painting verbal pictures of themselves, while opening up to the listener . Other track notables were “”Pen A Trait”,” a track in which DJ DNA clearly lends his cadence, ““Talk A Good Game”,” where the duo plays off each other, showcasing their wordplay skills. A tail of love, lust and, ultimately, mercy and forgiveness fall in place on the MattmaN-produced “Finalized”,” complimented by the vocals of Tara Kennedy. A track with an earnest message, played across in moving ways. The LP’s only downfalls were the cause of loop-heavy tracks like ““Imagination”,” and male crooning gone terribly wrong in ““As You Are”,” a track that seemed to have no place aside the rest of the cuts on the album.

Scribbling Idiots Present: JustMe & Cas Metah was full of hit and miss tracks; either incredibly well-done (“”Finalized””) or the exact opposite (“As You Are””). Surprisingly, JustMe proved capable of providing audible gems throughout the LP, reason enough to give the album a look but unfortunately the playback value of this release runs short. However, the project showed much promise and it will be very interesting to see what the crew is capable of coming up with collectively in the future.

Release Date: June 1, 2004

Label: End Of Earth Records

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1. Meet Eseye
2. Buy My CD
3. For Christ’s Sake
4. We to Do feat. Sintax the Terrific
5. Moneyluvinmusic feat. Cunninlynguists
6. Image of Me feat. Mouf Warren
7. Crazy World
8. Pen a Trait feat. DJ DNA
9. Finalized feat. Ruffian & Tara Kennedy
10. Imagination
11. Talk a Good Game
12. Bad Weather feat. Kaboose & Elias
13. Vacation feat. Pigeon John
14. As You Are feat. Mike Mottie


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