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Love and war may seem like logical opposites if you think about it. However, through the course of history, this duo has been paired together for many a literary work. So much so, that you must either start to wonder if either opposites really do attract or whether the two have more in common than the surface reveals. In fact, for those who abide in love, there is always a war being waged. Man of War, choosing the moniker of a warrior, shares his love for others with an aggressive effort via the medium of hip hop.

Releasing almost four years after his debut Ten Horn Daggers, Love & War finds Man of War much improved. With a delivery style that includes elements of Cypress Hill, Sadat X, and something uniquely his own, Man of War has one of the most captivating voices in the industry. There’s something about his style that defies categorization and keeps the listener entranced, hanging on every word. Focusing on the power of love in the midst of pain and struggle, Love & War relays an important message to all those who listen. One of the more touching songs, A Father’s Love, describes a child turning away from the love of their father, metaphorically speaking of the world’s rejection of God.

Production credits were passed around and the result is a rich variety of tracks that show the adaptability and talent possessed by Man of War. From the haunting piano of the title track (produced by Fab Da Eclectic) to the acoustic guitar driving Broken (Deep Six), from whimsical and free-flowing Open Mic (sirROCDOMZ) to the straight-laced Ten Days Away (Cheap Cologne), the album features a diverse soundtrack that leaves the audience quite satisfied. Love & War, with well-crafted beats and innovative rhyme schemes, will grab your attention and keep you listening again and again.

Release Date: December 31, 2004

Label: Syntax Records

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  1. Intro
  2. Open Mic
  3. Love & War
  4. New Sound (Featuring Def Shepard, RedCloud, MaxOne & Sackcloth Fashion)
  5. Scroll Tongue (Featuring Boxfeeders)
  6. Broken (Featuring Playdough)
  7. Psalms 5:9
  8. Street Life (Featuring Sackcloth Fashion)
  9. String Theory (Featuring 7lock, Evolve, Dirt)
  10. Introverted (Featuring Luke Geraty)
  11. Run (Featuring Gypsy)
  12. Ten Days Away
  13. Rejected (Featuring Hyborian Warriors)
  14. A Fathers Love (Featuring Gypsy, Absent Minded)
  15. Untitled (Bonus Track)


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