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Review – Fros-T ‘Me vs. Myself’

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It’s been a minute since Fros-T hit us with an album, but the wait has been well worth it. Almost three years since his previous release Life Long Journey , Fros-T is back with the hard hitting Me vs. Myself . This is a west coast album and the lyrics are right in your face, which makes this a very interesting release.

Now, before I really get started with this review, I’ll say that this is the first time I’ve listened to a full-length release from Fros-T (although this isn’t the first time I’ve heard him rip a mic) so I’m going to take my approach as someone who’s new to this guy. Let’s get the ball rolling with this review.

Me vs. Myself starts off very strong with the lead single “Comin Home” featuring Ellis Taylor on the hook. This is song for his wife and children where he passionately lets them know that during those times he’s on the road he really misses them, and that he’s on his way home. Having a wife & kids myself, I definitely know the feeling of completely missing your family and longing to see them. I really dig this song, and in my opinion it’s the best on the album. Following is “Too Much Religion” featuring R.L. Brown & Dr. Cheddar. This is a crunk track warning of falling prey to religiosity and proclaims that we’re all called to be just who are. And you know that an album ain’t an album without a party track. “Party Goin’ On” is somewhat of a party track; the hook has a party feel, but the lyrics are deep and tell the story of a girl who went to the club one night and ended up dead.

Those first three tracks set the tone for the remainder of the album, and basically give you a taste of what to expect with the rest of the tracks. Subject matter on the tracks range from being left behind at the rapture (“Left Behind”) to a love song & tribute to his mother (“Momma 4 U”) and from songs dealing with fakes & phonies (“Actin’ Phony”) to inner struggles between the flesh & spirit (“Me vs. Myself”). These songs are real; they deal with real issues and speak life into you. This is one of those albums you can both enjoy and learn something from.

Now, I can say that I thoroughly pleased with this album. To be honest, it took me a little while to get used to his voice, and after my first listen I wasn’t sure whether I loved or hated this album. After continually listening to it, his talent shone through and I then began to see everything that he was trying to get across with this album. His lyrics are strong and the production is well above average. It was good to hear a pure west coast album, and it’s worth a listen and purchase. Support Fros-T; he’s a real emcee with a true heart for God and His people.

Release Date: January 1, 2004

Label: 4th Man Records

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1. Comin’ Home
2. Too Much Religion
3. Party Goin’ On
4. Left Behind
5. Just Bein’ Me
6. How We Do It
7. Momma 4 U
8. Father’s Plan
9. Haten On Me
10. Actin’ Phony
11. What U Wanna Do?
12. Me Vs. Myself
13. Brighter Days
14. Gonna Make It
15. Tomorrow
16. One More Day
17. Run – (KP Remix)


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