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What is a caboose anyway? Webster’s defines a caboose as the last car of a freight train, which is simple enough. Add to that a verse in Matthew where Jesus said that the last shall be first, you end up with something special. Enter Kaboose, the emcee that snuck up on us through his appearances on various compilations and as a guest on several other LPs. After signing with the up & coming Fly Away Records, Kaboose has released his freshman release Innersection, a journey into the heart of this humble emcee.

Even though he’s a new emcee, the underground buzz for this album has been going on for some time now. After all the waiting, this album couldn’t have been released at a better time; Innersection is the perfect summertime jam. Kaboose starts off strong with his lead single “Just Rock.” Kab flexes this track as proof that he knows how to rock the mic, which undoubtedly set the tone for the remainder of an album that just rocks. From there, the album steadily keeps moving and gets better as it goes on.

The guest appearances on this album are plentiful, but collectively they hold this project together. Guests on this album range from members of the Boombox Titans (“The Difference”) to Sev Statik (“Can’t Call It”), and also include fellow Scribbling Idiots members JustMe & Cas Metah (“Action Figures”). A few of the standout tracks with guest emcees are “Sleep” and “Slowly Dying” featuring Braille and Elias respectively. Other notables are “Can’t Call It” and “One Step.”

The music on this project is smooth and melodic, an essential for highway cruising or for personal reflection. These smooth melodies are relayed throughout the entire project, even with several producers lending their talents for this release. The abundance of producers on this album also present plenty of variety, which keep Innersection from becoming monotonous.

With this release, Kaboose carries us to the Innersection of his heart as he has musically laid out his soul on each and every track. Upon completion of this album, you have both a greater understanding of who Kaboose is as an emcee, and ultimately as a person. This album is essential for cruising down the streets this summer, believe that. Also with this release, Kaboose proves that the last (unknown) shall truly become first, because with this project he has catapulted himself into the shortlist of great emcees.

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1. Intro
2. Just Rock
3. The Difference (produced by Muneshine)
4. Think About It (produced by Stro of The Procussions)
5. Actions Figures (produced by Playdough)
6. Can’t Call It (produced by Muneshine)
7. Voices
8. Sleep [Feat. Braille] (Produced By Sirrocdomz)
9. Slowly Dying
10. One Step
11. Interlude
12. I’ll Try
13. Every Last Breath
14. Memories (produced by Muneshine)
15. The Observer
16. If Only
17. Outro