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Review – L.A. Symphony ‘The End Is Now’

Review – L.A. Symphony ‘The End Is Now’

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The story has been beaten to death. It’s 1997. A hip-hop super group is formed in LA with the talent to make it big with a sincere purpose. After an independent release, labels take heed. Upon signing a record deal, all Hades breaks loose. LA Symphony meets industry limbo, Call It What You Want meets the back shelf, and the hip hop world sits on edge waiting for it all to end. It’s 2003. The End Is Now. With a major label push, LA Symphony finally has center stage. This release proves that they are more than ready.

The CD kicks off with the title track, featuring a tight beat and no holds barred lyrics that reveal the cynical industry views that can be expected based on their experience. However, what’s also unveiled is the unified sound of a group that has matured through the years. Rather than the somewhat disjointed effort of “Composition #1” that featured a group of sub-groups on a variety of tracks, The End Is Now favors LA Symphony as a single voice, where each member adds an important part to the whole. Symph fans may note the “loss” of Pigeon John, bTwice, and J-Beits as members of the group, but rest assured, each of them contributes to the album as well. As the album unfolds, the listener is treated to a piece of art that dips from every corner of the palette. The End Is Now is loaded (over 55 minutes and no interludes) with a nice variety of laid back cuts, danceable tracks, and bangers. Lyrically, LA Symphony brings some serious heat, breaching subjects that are often overlooked in the CCM market, ie. human emotion. Overall, The End Is Now has a lot to offer. Back when Call It What You Want was set to release, Uno Mas said that the reason LA Symphony wanted to put out records was to provide the music that hip-hop needed. The End Is Now furthers that cause. This is definitely an exciting chapter in the story that is LA Symphony.

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1. End Is Now
2. Next
3. I Can’t Have Her
4. Here to Party
5. One of a Kind
6. Heeve Ho!
7. Charlie Brown
8. 187 On The Dancefloor
9. Wonderful
10. Gonna Be Alright
11. No Excuse
12. L.A.S. Is Dead
13. Dreamin’
14. Lady Luck (Do What I Do)
15. The Emcees


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