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CY is a great Rapper. He mostly discusses his life; past, present and future. The more I listened to the album the more I liked it. It’s one of those great Holy Hip Hop CDs. Overall this album is really good, some banging beats and songs, and great lyrics. If you like MUCH LUVV Records this is an album that you cannot miss. They are really giving us the best of Rappers out there (Mark J, Cy, Tre 9, Enock, Col Cutz). The CD features Hosley, Soulfruit, Diction, Big Toe, Tre 9 and CY’s Father. The album has a good length, when I played the CD I thought it was never going to finish. This album is worth buying. Here are some song notes I wrote down: “The message” featuring Hosley; this is one of my favorite songs from the album, a great beat and chorus. “Fear no evil”; The rap is a little fast, but otherwise the song is OK. “Watchin U” featuring Diction and Big Toe; Great intro (Watchin Uuuuuu…), a great song and chorus. “Out da Box”; Great beat and song. “First born of all creation” featuring CY’s father; this song is unusual because it’s not really a song. It’s CY’s father talking about the First Born of all creation. “Versatile” remix of track 7; The beat and introduction is totally different, but it’s still the same good lyrics.

Track Listing

1- Intro
2- Confession Invasion
3- Procrastinate
4- The Complex
5- The Flyer
6- The Message feat Hosley
7- Versatile
8- Fear No Evil
9- Ladie feat
11- Bring The Bang feat. Tre-9
12- Out Da Box
13- Wanna Be Down
14- Commando
15- 1 Luvv
16- Firstborn Of All Creation feat. Thomas Cross
17- Versatile – remix