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Review – Sackcloth Fashion ‘The Lone Flower’

Review – Sackcloth Fashion ‘The Lone Flower’

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Strange Chemistry. That’s an apt description for the six member group known as Sackcloth Fashion. It’s not rap like you’ve heard before. It’s not hip hop that you’re used to. It’s different. It’s fresh. The six piece concoction returns from a four year recording break to deliver an album like none other. ‘The Lone Flower’ is seeded with traces of just about every musical genre known to man and some that have yet to be defined. Kicking off with the operatic title track, ‘The Lone Flower’ proceeds to include the disco-esque “Direction,” the “acoustic hip hop” of “Summit of Angels,” somewhat of a country-western sound (“Ride On”), a contemporary gospel ballad (“Take My Sin”), and many other musical morphs, all the while displacing the standards of traditional albums. Held together by deft production and universal themes, the tracks flow nicely, despite all the tempo and stylistic changes.

Topically, ‘The Lone Flower’ explores various aspects of human nature including love at first sight (“Infectious”), making the choice to follow Christ (“Open Road”), repentence (“Take My Sin”) and dealing with a sinful nature (“Give”). The lyrics are very open and presented in an engaging format that reaches a broad audience. Listeners need not worry that the serious tone dominates the album though as the interludes and songs like “Brain Freeze” break things up, interjecting the humor and fun that one finds in life. Also noteworthy, Sackcloth Fashion added the entrancing vocal talents of Kaitlyn Cassels for this release, increasing the eclecticism. Sackcloth Fashion combines all the talents of each member in such a way that each voice is heard. The result, in this case, is one of the more solid releases of the past year. True to the cover art, “The Lone Flower” is a nice change in scenery for those travelling the familiar landscape of hip hop. It’s refreshing, real, and a redefinition of hip hop for which you may or may not be ready.

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1. The Lone Flower
2. Strange Chemistry
3. Direction
4. Touch the Sky
5. Summit of Angels
6. Infectious
7. Open Road
8. Ride On
9. Something Else
10. Take My Sin (feat. Tonex)
11. Give
12. Brain Freeze
13. Cowboy
14. Smile In the Dark
15. What Is
16. Leaning (feat. Marcos Curiel of P.O.D.)
17. Grains of Sand
18. I Sigh


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