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You probably first heard him on the Syntax Records release of Acts 29’s ‘Under Exposed.’ He was the cat in the shadow of Braille and Ohmega Watts right? Well now he’s got his solo debut under his belt in ‘Simply Soul,’ and there has been vast artistic improvement noted since we last heard from Soul Plasma. The album boasts 13 tracks and is approximately 45 minutes in length, and features spots from fellow ‘Acts 29’ emcees Braille and Ohmega Watts , L-Pro and, oddly enough, the first appearance from former Uprok Records emcee MG! the Visionary . Soul’s vocals, believe it or not, remind me a lot of Blackstar emcee Talib Kweli. The production on the LP is impressive.

The LP begins with a midieval influenced sample on Maneuver. Soul talks about the way he manuevers in life and what inspires him to be the way he is and do what he does. Nickels, of Lojique, drops a nice track and some fresh cuts on “Perfect Picture.” Over the tracks harmonious vibe, Soul paints a different picture in each verse, one being the story of a suicidal girl growing up in a broken home, experiencing a horrible example of life through her parents, and how life through her eyes was anything but a perfect picture. Ex Uprok Records recording artist MG! the Visionary comes out of nowhere to drop a beatiful track and verse on “Walk With Me.” The tracks combination of acoustic strings and vocal samples is outstanding. Soul and Muneshine of Lightheaded, once again, with a bold East Coast feel in the title track ‘Simply Soul.’ Soul comes off the track playing with words and flows, altogether a fresh track and ending to his solo debut.

Simply Soul is an impressive debut from the Portland emcee. With an array of musical platforms and well placed guest spots, the LP showcases many sides of the emcee and person in Soul Plasma and proves that he has a definite place in hip-hop as an emcee. Being an independent release, Simply Soul will more than likely be slept on by most people… so if you are reading this then check out the album and give it some well deserved ear time.

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1. Intro
2. Manuver
3. Life Is
4. Perfect Picture
5. Walk With Me
6. Breathe
7. The Format
8. Rhythm
9. Ghetto
10. The Section
11. Full Moon
12. Time Flies
13. Simply Soul