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King Cyz is a very talented emcee with a lot of potential. His West coast type flow with East coast type lyrics is a good mix in a majority of his songs. "No Weapon" featuring Ann Nesby (a very talented singer) maybe the best song on the album. Not only is the song hype, but King Cyz is also on point with his lyrics and delivery. When King Cyz is consisted, he can really shine and show his potential. In songs like "30 Seconds" and "Death Row" King Cyz shows how much potential he has with consisted well-delivered lyrics through-out the track. Deep songs like "I'm God" (King Cyz's testimony), "Should I Go On," "Nice Guys," "Turn Your Love Around," and "Calvary" are very heart-felt, and  shows King Cyz's passion for ministry.

However, one problem that King Cyz has is that at times he's not as consisted. It seems that King Cyz doesn't know how talented he is, so sometimes he doesn't put all he has into his rhymes. If he is able to use all the potential he has, he could be one of the top emcees in HHH. The beats are pretty good from start to finish, but in some tracks the fact that it is underground shows. The cd as a whole is worth buying. However, I'm pretty sure his next album will be more consisted lyrically and be more up to par in beats. Overall, King Cyz and NuVybe records show a lot of potential. The cd is also an extremely great tool for ministry.

Track Listing

1.Life or Death (Intro)
2.Man of God
3.I'm God
4.Should I Go On
5.Nice Guys
6.No Blood Thicker
7.Turn Your Love Around
8.Battle In the Basement (Freestyle)
9.30 seconds
10.W.A.R. (Interlude)
11.No Weapon
14.Listen to Dis
16.Last Call
17.Death Row