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Review – Cross Movement “Human Emergency”

Human Emergency is Crossmovement's third group release. It shows that they have experience in how Human Emergency is very well put together. The songs no longer run into each other and the interludes are very well-placed. Another thing you might notice is the absences of Cruz Cordero and TRU-LIFE. TRU-LIFE puts down some beats for a few tracks, but doesn't come to display any lyrics.

Human Emergency is a pretty solid album for any Crossmovement fan, but there are very few tracks that will attract an outside audience. Among these tracks are "The Light" and "Know Me." Both tracks have bangin beats and are delivered very well. Especially on the song "The Light" where TRUTH (solo artist in the process of being signed by Crossmovement records) comes to show that not only Crossmovement members have skills. "What Do You See?" is also a very captivating track. In which the Ambassador tells the story of the crusifixion of Christ, and have you reflect on your life to see if you are living to show appreciation for what Jesus did. There are other pretty solid tracks, but "The Light," "Know Me," "What Do You See?," and maybe "Hold It Down," "C to the R," and "On Right Now" are a few songs that you can get into without already being a Crossmovement fan.

Concerning the emcees: the Ambassador continues to come strong, Phanatik shined on a couple of tracks, and the Tonic was pretty solid thoughout. However, Enoch was pretty non-existent considering the fact he was one of the strongest emcees on House of Representatives (he also brought it on the song "Hands in the Air" from Christology). The only songs he really showed up on were "On The Move" and "Know Me."

If you are a Crossmovement fan, this would be an album to pick up. If you don't know much about the Crossmovement, it would be best to get one of their other albums before gettting this.

Track listing

1.Intro – Dispatch (We Called You)
2.The Light (The Blazin One)
3.Hold It Down
4.C to the R
5.On The Move
6.Know Me (Huh, What?)
7.In Route (Interlude)
8.What Do You See?
9.Love Life
10.Come In London (Interlude)
12.Creature Double Feature
13.Sombody Help! (Interlude)
14.On Right Now
15.All Day
17.Live Agua
18.To My Peoples
19.Back Up
20.Cypha 911

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