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Review – Verbs ‘Unlocked’

Review – Verbs ‘Unlocked’

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I have always been a (Knowda) Verbs fan. He has always had drive and desire to move a crowd and make a good record. Unfortunately, his projects usually follow soon after a GRITS project and seem like he gets the leftovers from his crews’ production team. Sort of a, “well, Bone and Coff didn’t use this one…you can have it, I guess” type thing. Not this time, mostly. From play you hear he’s shooting for the moon on this one. “Live to the Music” sounds like it was yanked straight from a Roc-a-fella compilation. HOTNESS! Verbs spits lovely on this track. From what I’m seeing, it’s also Gotee’s next single for my man. The first single we saw from Verbs was, “What you rock now?” also featured on “We Are Hip Hop(e)” This song features a laid-back sing songy chorus, laced with a nice hip-pop beat. I respect how my man is keeping it current. That’s how you reel peeps in with the message, and ultimately-how you sell records. Some of the other tracks I was feelin’ was “Trippin”. This track has a nice 70’s blaxploitation movie theme style to it as far as the strings/keyboard on it go. Verbs has stepped up his flow, flipping it double-time on this jawn. Very impressive. Another one that caught my ears was, “Can You Hear Me?” yet another song that doesn’t compromise the gospel message, but also is made to catch the ears of the unsaved with excellence in production. One in particular that stood out to me was, “My Neighborhood”. The beat is pretty original- kind of the “Gotee approach to neo-soul” The hook is done by Bonafied of GRITS who redeems himself from the less-than-lackluster verse he spit on “Pre-paid”. The outro is pretty nice too. The ones I didn’t like were “Feelin’ the Interlude” “She Ms. Sin” and “Run with It”. All in all, ‘Unlocked’ is a very nice album. Definitely worth the money you spend. Verbs is destined for great things in this Industry. I pray others feel the same way.

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1. Live to the Music
2. She’s Miss Sin (tKimmey)
3. Trippin’ (feat. FAILURE)
4. Love Triangle
5. Pre-Paid (feat. Grits and Nirva Dorsaint)
6. What You Rock Now
7. Feelin’ the Interlude
8. My Neighborhood (feat. GRITS)
9. Run with It
10. Can You Hear Me? (feat. MOC & Shonlock)
11. The Before and Ater
12. Triumphant Outro


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