Review – Peace 586 ‘Generations’

After more than 15 years of dropping Christian hip-hop albums, Peace 586 continues his noteworthy career with a new project Generations. This particular CD is actually a step up from his release he dropped several years ago entitled Risen Son. On Generations, Peace 586 collaborates with varies artists within the Christian hip-hop community including Pigeon John, LPG, Raphi, Remnant and Mass Reality. He also brings old-school gospel emcees I.D.O.L. King and Noel Arthurton of the Dynamic Twins on this album. In addition, he does a song with Sup the Chemist  and  Jon Gibson.

Over all, the album is worth checking out if you get the opportunity. There are some quality tracks on this album you may enjoy. For instance, a track entitled "Progress" stood out as I listened to this album.  "Progress" features the veteran Christian rap group I.D.O.L. King. I.D.O.L. King is another crew that came out about the same time Peace 586 did in the early 90s.

"Progress" deals with the issue of emcees not focusing on Christ, but doctrine differences that often times divides the Christian hip-hop community. There are several other tracks on this project that deal with real issues that the Christian hip-hop community is often challenged with. I am sure that you will be able find several tracks on this album you will both enjoy and will minister to your life.

Who knows how long Peace 586 will go on dropping albums. For now, I will encourage you to go out and appreciate this brother’s talent while he is still around. Generations is a solid album that should enhance your CD collection. We gave this album three and half stars out of five.


Written by Rapzilla

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