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From the streets of Harlem, New York comes Magellan, Andre Jalil and JAZ (Justified And Zealous) collectively known as All Different Flava’s .. Recently joining forces with New Jersey’s Todd Bangz and the Bang Theory movement, ADF is only getting started. ‘The Collection 1.5’ is just that, a collection of tracks from the Harlem crew and their Strong Armor Productions team. Boasting 10 tracks and 5 bonus cuts, from their upcoming projects, and with close to an hours in length, plus a guest spot from Corey Red , The Collection 1.5 is just a taste of whats to come with their full length debut release soon to follow.

The album begins with a synth melody filling the speakers on “Inspired.” A mellow backdrop for the three emcees to expound on their inspiration from the word of God and hip-hop culture. “Sublime Rhyme” is a very solid track, with a definite East Coast feel to it. A piano backdrop is the perfect sound for the crew to spit their ‘sublime’ rhymes over, a very impressive track. “Recognition” brings the three emcees talking about the industry and how there is no limitations under God’s will… “some heathen’s don’t believe that we could bring it real as they do/you set yourself against the kingdom and the deal is fatal/you might as well go back and tell your company you heard us/and we don’t talk them tired topics and that make you nervous/the pride of men will strip your work, develop savage actions/you thirst for sin with burning throats but ain’t no satisfaction…”

After giving ‘The Collection 1.5’ a complete run through it becomes clear that A.D.F., although they may not be well known, as of yet, is a name to be reckoned with. Being the newest addition to the Bang Theory Camp, A.D.F. now has an established outlet for their music. With a highly anticipated full length to drop, hopefully, sometime this new year, you can anxiously expect to hear a lot more from the Harlem trio.

1. Intro
2. Inspired
3. Sublime Rhyme
4. Recognition
5. Savages
6. Acapella
7. Strong Armor
8. Interlude
9. Sound Doctrine (feat. Corey Red)
10. Spiritual Warfare
11. Bonuses & Clips from “The Armor Series Volume 1” (Bonus Tracks)


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