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Minister RMB and Maximillian are, as the title suggests, Deeper Than Most. The West Coast duo debuts with their 12:2 Records release Marinatin’. The full length LP is produced entirely by Miximillian and Scott Blackwell, with the exception of a couple of tracks courtesy of Original Sound. Marinatin’ is 18 tracks strong and comes in at an extensive 78 minutes in length, in which rap fans are bound to find something they like it.

The LP begins with the hypnotic choir/orchestra sample from Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, on the opening track Matrix, inspired by the film. The track brings a variety of different sound elements and shows as proof that RMB and Maximillian can flow. Original Sound provides the backdrop for Dedicated, a smooth track, featuring patented West Coast sounds and fitting vocals on the hook from E-Hi. Curtis Hall drops a soothing hook on Strugglelatin’, where Maximillian and RMB talk about the many struggles they go through and witness in their lives and around them on a an everday basis. Fo’ Tha’ Applause has the West Coast duo talking about the music industry cliche in giving thanks to God, whether it be on an album liner, or at an awards show.

Nevertheless, Deeper Than Most gave a good musical effort in Marinatin’. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much; knowing that this was a heavy West Coast/G-Funk influenced release, and I, personally, have a tough time swallowing this genre in the Christian industry. It seems that there are a ton of West Coast/Dirty South Christian hip-hop artists coming out that are extremely mediocre, to subpar. I can’t say that I expected much different from this West Coast duo… I was proven wrong. The production lacks in area’s but the flows, for the most part, make up for the lack of lyrical prowess. Marinatin’ is a very intriguing debut and will most likely have you interested in hearing a follow up release. Give this album a consistent spin and decide for yourself.

Release Date: January 1, 2002

Label: DMyx Records

1. Matrix
2. West Coast Preacha
3. Dedicated (F. E-Hi)
4. Praize Tonight
5. Beat Box-Made Man
6. Run Wit It
7. Struggelatin’ (F. Curtis Hall)
8. Matrix (Reprise)
9. Fo’ Tha’ Applause (F. Prolific)
10. Take What Ya Got
11. Rugged (F. C-Lyf)
12. Marinatin’
13. Boss Hoggin’
14. Renewed State Of Mind
15. Deep Groove 3
16. Doin’ Big Thangs
17. Long Gone
18. Now (F. Theophilus, C-Lyf, Prolific and Sevin)

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