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Wow. Simple as that, the album title says it all. Mars Ill knows that they are in fact good and they showcase their unmatched style all over this release. Dj Dust style reminds me of dropping a 7-Eleven hotdog on a street, picking it up, seeing that it has dirt and rocks on it and still taking a big ol bite. That said the beats match manCHILD’s let my lyrics do the talking style and mesh together to make something nothing less then groundbreaking. “Love’s Not”(feat Rahlo) is the star track on the album and really shows how Mars Ill will express there option to the fullest, but really does have a clear message they want to get to the public. I bet I will get lots of flack for saying this, but Mars Ill could go to the next level with there music by inking a deal with a bigger label. They spent $300 on this release so just imagine what they could do with a budget like Grits. (Had $40000 budget on their latest release) Also Mars Ill could take the secular scene by storm by getting better publicity behind them. Mars Ill will redefine how music makes you feel, so just go out and buy the album… Now.

Release Date: May 24, 2001

Label: UpRok Records

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1. Mars Ill
2. Sphere of Hip-Hop, Pt. 2
3. We’ll Live Underground
4. Black Market
5. Love’s Not
6. Monotone
7. Unsound
8. Send a Man
9. Compound Fractures
10. Rap Fans
11. Sounds of Music
12. Who Will Answer?
13. Indulgent Instrumental #1
14. Try Again
15. Touch and Go
16. Indulgent Instrumental #2
17. Sphere of Hip-Hop (Original)
18. Fade to Black
19. The Abolition of Manchild


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