New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review. The Top Underrated Christian Rap songs of the week. |

Cortes – Distance
Cortes showcases his singing abilities on a track that declares his undying love for God. Proclaiming “If you send me I’ll run the distance,” this is a song for fans of the vocal abilities of artists like Jeremih, Omarion, and Mario

Adam Cruz – All I Got
“All I Got” is a song about perseverance in Christ. The song is a  testimony of Cruz’s life and relationship with God and his faith.

Anthony Ray – From the Ground Up
Boom bap that hits you right in the soul. Anthony Ray’s song “From the Ground Up,” is an anthem track for folks who like to bob their heads to music cranked loud, while cruising with the windows down.

A.I. The Anomaly – Weeping Woman
“Weeping Woman paints an image that is in response to the reality of violence that exists in many communities. It is a cry and to the issues of silence and sufferings of those that face trauma due to the long history and continuous exposure to violence. It is also the plea for someone to speak up.” – Steven Solis

F’RAEL – No Bueno ft. ToyaLove & Niko Eme
No Bueno is a well-produced song letting the enemy know that he has no foothold in the life of a believer. The featuring artists on this one add a very calculated and polished vibe to the song, making it an easy track to listen to on repeat.

Raging Moses – Good Life ft. Darmea
This song is so so smooth. From Raging Moses’ laid back flow to Darmea’s silky singing, this track is just all around dope. 

Dre Breeze – OFC feat. Flyzon3
Dre Breeze and Flyzon3 put together a full vibe with this song. Touching on the topic of judgment, these folks delivered a flawless victory

Speez – On Beam
On Beam is a song that’s about what it’s like to be on God’s team. Boasting in the fact that the God we serve is entirely worth our dedication.

Deane Walden – Cup Of Tea
The always impressive, Dean Walden is back again with a song of praise and admiration. Cup of Tea explains the power of Gods grace, love and mercy.

KHAM – Survive ft. seni.
Kham’s latest single “Survive” offers up a dark look into depression, addiction and pain, while providing an answer to that lifestyle in the freedom that’s in Gods word.

We hope you took the time to check these Christian rap singles out. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.