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The Ambassador – Ride n Vibe music video

The Ambassador will be dropping an EP called The Invitation. Before we get the project, he’s giving us a few singles. He surprised us today with “Ride n Vibe.”


He also gave us a music video for the single “No Other.”

“This is an invitation to come and experience the Holy One who has no equals or rivals. There is no God like our God, who loves, forgives, restores, makes whole, etc… Lean it!” he wrote in the caption.

Watch The Ambassador Below:

Earlier in the year, producer MPax Musiq dropped a long post on his Facebook that talked about working with the Ambassador for his new project. The Cross Movement legend will be releasing an album called The Invitation.

The post reads:

Very soon the labor of the work will be showcased to the world to see & hear but in the meantime, I wanted to share a few words. I had the honor to executively produce this new project @ambassador215 is close to dropping. Working with a legend such as Amba has been an honor and dream come true. I remember listening to all the CMR records back in my high school days (2000-2004) & listening to how CMR impacted CHH. I wanted to be part of that movement but I knew my skillset wasn’t rapping or singing but I was a musican. I prayed to God to help me build my producing skills and I started investing in equipment knowing my desire was to just worship the Lord with the skills & talent he had given me. Not knowing that 15 years later I would be working w/ the leader of that movement myself. This project is full circle for me & knowing that I wanted to be a producer that IMPACTS (Mpax) the listeners hearts & soul with the music I created & this project will do just that!”

The last project that Ambassador released was 2016’s When Sacred Meets Secular. We last hear from Amba when he addressed Phanatik’s leaving of the faith, here.

Christian Rap Songs & Albums [July 29th] (Listen Here)

There were a bunch of dope Christian Rap and a few projects tracks that dropped today. We’ve updated the playlists and dropped the new releases right here for you! Let us know what you were listening to.

Jon Keith – M.I.A. & Still Up

Aaron Cole – Hands

Nic D – TG4U

Spencer Kane – All My Life (Honeymoon Demo)

Bachi – Andale

Aklesso – Wait 4 Me

Legin – I’m Home

NXTMIKE, Kip Wolfe, Trapship Collective – True Story

Lundi – Like You

Tre’Gadd – NO WAY!

Jimmy Rock – Catch These Hands ft. KJ-52 & Pettidee

DJ LostnFound – Opps ft. Reconcile & Tallysama

Mitch Darrell – Black & Proud ft. Montythehokage & James Gardin

Nu Tone – Call Out (Remix) ft. QEW & Alcott

K. Diamond, Brenno, Aable – I Can’t Lose

JusRzd – Still Coolin ft. Battz

Avila – Witness

Christian Rap Projects:

George.Rose – Anointed

Shope – Things We Say

Legacy x Torino P – ALL WHITE SUMMER

Listen to the Christian Rap Playlists Below:

Here’s the main playlist:

Which of these Christian Rap songs are you listening to today?

What Has Bryann T and Kingdom Muzic Been Up To?

Bryann T is one of the most outgoing Christian Rappers right now. All of his music is explicitly Christian. He is a founder and the CEO of Kingdom Muzic, which is an international network of ministers and ministries seeking unity with the Body of Christ in a family-oriented relationship. They are also one of the more prominent record labels in the CHH scene. Some of the Kingdom Muzic artists are Bryann T, Brandon Trejo, and Antwoine Hill. 


Bryann Trejo was born July 4th, 1980 in Corpus Cristi, TX, one of two identical twin babies. He lived there through his adolescent years and moved to a couple more Texas towns before settling in Chattanooga, TN at 13. That is where he started to delve into street life and gangs.

He spent most of his teenage years in juvenile detention for armed robberies and selling narcotics. By his twenties, his life was a revolving door in and out of jail and prison. At the age of 23, he was facing 30 years in prison for two attempted murders in retaliation for an attack on his twin brother from a rival street drug syndicate. By the grace of God, the charges were lowered to two aggravated assaults and he plead down to seven years in prison. He served four years and got out on probation. So by the age of 27 going on 28, he had spent a lot of his adult life in prison.

When he got out he returned to Chattanooga, TN to be with his kids. Soon after, he moved to Fort Wayne, IN where his twin brother lived. In May of 2013, his brother was murdered in retaliation for the killing of a young kid the week prior. Those who murdered Bryann’s twin brother believed he had something to do with the young kid’s murder. In actuality, his brother was trying to mentor the kid. In reaction, Bryann could have avenged his brother but chose to love and forgive. That is the message of Jesus he spreads around the world today.

His Career:

From the start of his career (in 2015) to 2021 Bryann T came out with 12 full-length albums. The highlightsBryann Trejo are the albums: I Encourage Growth and Kingdom Muzic Family: The Remnant. Some of the single song highlights are “Middle of the Storm” and “I Believe in Prayer.” In 2020, he started the Give Em’ Heaven Podcast. On the podcast, he would interview other artists or talk about his faith and other Biblical discussion points. 

What He has Been Up To:

Throughout 2022, he has been releasing music videos for his album, which officially came out on April 17. The album’s biggest hits so far have been “I Try” and “Church House.” “I Try” has over 380,000 plays on Spotify and “Church House” has 600,000 views on YouTube and is often heard on NGEN radio. The podcast has come to a close or is at least on a several-month hiatus. About a month ago, they came out with an Important Ministry Announcement, which you can find here. To briefly sum it up, due to security concerns KingdomMuzic.org is non-operational until further notice. Also, they are not affiliated with Kingdom Muzic Management or Kingdom Coffee. 

@rapzilla.com #greenscreen @opto_music gives an update about #bryannt and #kingdommuzic ♬ I Try – Bryann T

Listen to Bryann T and Kingdom Muzic here: 

Erinn Knight & Brandon Boone of BYOD Highlighted in Forbes Magazine

BYOD (Build Your Own Dreams) founders Erinn Knight and Brandon Boone, along with their team, have been absolutely killing it lately. From the events they are putting on (Holy Smoke & helping with Elevation), to the moves they’ve helped their artists get (Wande, Kaleb Mitchell, & others), to their willingness to teach and inspire – this is what dreams are made of.

(Cover photo: Tyler May)

The crew was at the Stellar Awards celebrating the nominated indie tribe. and Wande. While their artists didn’t win, someone won big, and it was the team! BYOD was featured in Forbes Magazine.

The article, titled: Black On The Block And Stefon Diggs Partner To Create A Unique Marketplace For Black-Owned Businesses also sheds some light on BYOD as a black-owned business.

An excerpt:

Two entrepreneurs using the event to spotlight their business were Erinn Knight and Brandon Boone, whose creative agency and lifestyle brand Build Your Own Dreams, BYOD, is promoting mental health care for communities of color. Proceeds from the brand’s merchandise sales and music releases go to the BYOD Fund, a small initiative providing Black creatives with the financial support needed to seek mental health counseling. Today, BYOD is funding therapy for four creatives and hopes to send 12 creatives to therapy by the end of the year.

“If you buy a shirt,” Knight explains, “you’re inspiring yourself and everybody who sees you when you walk past, but you’re also helping somebody to therapy.”

We asked Knight about being featured in the magazine, and for her, it was a dream come true.

“Honestly being in Forbes is a MAJOR dream and goal of mine. For them to highlight Brandon and I, and the work we’re doing at Build Your Own Dreams is rewarding in a way I can’t quite describe,” she said. “It’s not just a regular publication. This is the biggest publication for business in America.”

Knight continued, “Covering a black-owned women-owned event, written by a black woman, covering the work we’re doing with and for black people daily…Our company isn’t even two-years-old yet. That’s really the work of the Lord. Therapy for black people is a personal burden I have, and for our company to be even making a tiny difference in that fight, I’m super proud. This is more than music, merch, and marketing. This is about community. I’m crazy grateful.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Build Your Own Dreams (@justbyod_)

“It’s a wonderful feeling! It’s just a reminder that when you’re walking in God’s purpose, you can literally do anything you put your mind to,” said Boone.

Knight is doing Therapy Talk Tuesdays and BYOD is helping to keep the conversations flowing for mental health.


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A post shared by Build Your Own Dreams (@justbyod_)

A few months back, we highlighted 5 Mental Health & Wellness Tips from Erinn Knight. We broke down all the ways she keeps herself sharp and accountable. Read that here.

Be sure sure to check out the Excellence Academy for creative here.

2point0tnt Collabs with a ‘Very Serious About His Faith’ Project Pat

CHH artist 2point0tnt recently dropped his new track “My Story” featuring Three6Mafia’s Project Pat. Obviously, the name Three6Mafia is not synonymous with Christian Rap, but 2point0tnt says for his guest, that may change.

Formerly known as “2.0,” 2point0tnt’s “My Story” is his third single of the year.

“It’s a brief retelling of how I came to Christ and what it was like for me in the beginning. I enlisted the aid of the OG Project Pat, who is actually a PK. He wanted to share his story & devotion to Christ as well. Definitely a moment in time!” said the rapper.”

He continued, “He’s become very serious about his faith in Christ & I’m trying to push this song as much as possible so he sees that more positive/inspirational music does get supported. Most artists never switch their music because business-wise…it’s not profitable, I really wanna prove otherwise with this one.”

2.0 says he was tagged in a post about doing a “gospel rap song” that was made by Project Pat.

“I DM’d the legend curious to know what inspired his post and the conversation led into weeks of talks about our faith before music even came up,” he revealed.

Listen to 2point0tnt Below:

Rapper Eternity Creates Clothing Brand Around His Song Titles [Interview]

Rapzilla got to chop it up with rapper and clothing brand owner Eternity who recently dropped his project Dreamers & Schemers. The rapper does some pretty unique things with his song titles and clothing line that serves as marketing for his music and sales for his business.

Check out Kingdom Club Apparel here.

For those who don’t know you, how would you sum up who Eternity the artist is?

Storyteller…every story should be told, heard, and most definitely felt.

You’re a man of many hats – rapper, clothing designer, film producer, and you work in the medical field. How do you balance everything that you do?

Man thank God I’m able to do my writing/clothing designing while at work. I have a desk job with a lot of downtime so during the downtime I wrote and planned the short film series Poor Kids and also wrote my latest EP Dreams & Schemes.

With you working in the medical field, I saw that you got to talk to Fat Joe 2x about what was happening with COVID in 2020. Did anything come out of your interactions with Fat Joe?

Our talks weren’t about music but it was awesome to get a chance to chop it up with him a few times and we had a great time. So that helps my page excites the followers and shows the grind.

Networking doesn’t always have to be about music but just building having a good conversation. I’ve gotten to chat with Lamont Hill, Jas Prince, Mya, Nore, and more I didn’t get to save.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eternity B.K. Star (@e_bkstar)

What work have you done with film production?

I wrote, cast, filmed, & edited three short films. Two of which were the videos for my EP Poor Kids

Kingdom Club Apparel - Eternity


One of the things that drew me into your story was your clothing. You created merch for every song on your last project. Will you continue to do this in the future, and what has the reception to the music with the merch been like?

I will most definitely continue to make merch that revolves around my music. And the reception has been amazing. It started out as something I just thought I should do, but I fell in love and I was definitely motivated by the first purchases

What are our plans for Kingdom Club Apparel beyond the music?

Continue to tell my story through the clothing as well. Momma loves me (song) is the perfect example!

Your roots are from NY. You hear that in your rap tone. What brought you to make hip-hop?

My best friend used to rap and told me I should, so I did. He was so talented. I was always trying to be as good as him, and for three years I was begging him to rap so I could just learn. I came to find out that all those raps he used to rap were Nas [laughs]. But by that time I was already hooked, and the rest is history

How did you get together with Rigz to craft Dreams & Schemes?

We were a part of a chat group and I was looking for producers and someone recommended him. Ever since our first song together, “i made it,” it’s been like an instant brotherhood. Love that guy. God did an amazing work linking us up, and with the appreciation, I have for him I’m not shocked we ended up with a project like Dreams & Schemes. Most definitely my best work. Absolutely LOVE THIS EP!

What do you have in the works musically?

I am in full Promo mode for Dreams & Schemes and currently, RIGZ and I are almost done with Dreams & Schemes pt 2.

Anything else you’d like to say or add?

Besides God is the greatest I do, but it’s Nunya Business!

Listen to Eternity Below:


Hulvey Drops Short Film of a Music Video with ‘Beautiful’

Five months after a hand-written note teased the new music from Reach Records rising star Hulvey, the undeniably smooth and artistically refreshing new single “Beautiful” is here.

The new single “Beautiful,” produced by Carvello and Lasanna “Ace” Harris, debuted with a stunning music video on July 21st, with the audio released Friday, July 22nd. The single marks the follow-up from Hulvey’s 2021 EP COMA.

“I am excited for people to worship God with a song that isn’t conventional worship,” said Hulvey.

Stream Beautiful on all DPS here: https://hulvey.ffm.to/beautiful

Watch Hulvey Below:

The Reach Records melodic wunderkind slides through the hills of Los Angeles, accompanied by a choir to score a beautiful depiction of a young man’s journey to find his place despite a lack of peace within his surroundings.

In the music video for “Beautiful,” a truly cinematic art piece directed by Ade Adesina, the main character of the story overcomes spiritual hurdles as the video climaxes in a celebratory worship scene with Hulvey, the video’s star, and the accompanying choir.

“This video is really a film, it has layers and very interwoven parts. I’m very excited to take the viewers on a journey. Me and Ade fought our hardest to make it incredible,” said Hulvey.

Trampolines x Disciple x Legin – AMEN TO THAT music video (PREMIERE)

Husband and wife duo, Trampolines, went crazy with this one. They took their signature pop-rap sound, added in the rock grit of Disciple, and the hip-hop prowess of Legin to make this banger!

Watch Trampolines Below:

Stream here.

Canon & Derek Minor Preview What’s Coming with ‘Hold Me Back’

Produced by Derek Minor, the new single “Hold Me Back” by Canon encourages listeners to pursue their utmost potential. It is an anthem that puts focus on us working towards goals we’ve set for ourselves despite the many oppositions waiting ahead.

Watch Canon Below:

Stream on all platforms here.

Christian Rap Songs [July 22nd] (Listen Here)

There were a bunch of dope Christian Rap tracks that dropped today. We’ve updated the playlists and dropped the new releases right here for you! Let us know what you were listening to.

Hulvey – Beautiful

Canon & Derek Minor – Hold Me Back

Nic D – Costa Rica

Beleaf – Daddy Issues

Dillon Chase & Thomas Iannucci – After

Red Tips – Tricky


Wxlf – Perfect Timing

JXHN PVUL – Tumba ft. Tommy Royale

Tre’Gadd – A C T I O N

L. DeJuan – No Landing

Sareem Poems, Chris Orrick, & Newselph – Matters of Man (Remix)

GB – Do It Again ft. JP Killed It

ZDIORX – BANDS UP fr. Parris Chariz

E.I. the King – Forward

2’Live Bre – Pray 2 God

Listen to the Christian Rap Playlists Below:

Here’s the main playlist:

Which of these Christian Rap songs are you listening to today?