Christian Rappers React to the Death of XXXTENTACION

    Influential and young, the hip-hop community lost another member of its community. XXXTENTACION was shot and killed yesterday in his vehicle. There are many allegations of domestic abuse and assault against XXX. Deemed a controversial figure in music, he still maintained a high level of respect with his music. Regardless of where you stand on his life and death, clearly a lot of ...
  • Kid Tris

    Music Video Premiere: Kid Tris – APOKARADOKIA

    Kid Tris is premiering his music video for “APOKARADOKIA” on Rapzilla.com. This song speaks on how the devil wants and keeps trying to bring Tris back to his old ways. So he uses the term known as “Apokaradokia” to describe how much hope in God and trust he has in him no matter what battle. The word “Apokaradokia” originated from ...
  • Kid Tris

    PREMIERE: Kid Tris – Shattered Light ft. Joey Vantes

    New artist Kid Tris, who has already amassed over 100k plays on Spotify, is premiering his new single “Shattered Light” featuring Joey Vantes with Rapzilla.com. Kid says the track is about “a person who falls in their walk with God, and is starting to lose themselves.” Listen to Kid Tris below: Purchase the single here.