Hip-Hop artist J. Crum dropped his Flawed EP in August and around the same time began releasing music videos for each track that served as short films that told one complete story. Watch each of these videos below.

Tim James and Good Steward Music are excited to share with you the new video for "Pull You Out" which can be found on The Weight of it All project; available for free download at Noisetrade.

Hip-Hop artist J-Phish released his music video for "New Kings" which declares boldness in Christ.

Hip-Hop artist Ty Brasel just dropped a music video for his single "Praying Hands" which was his first song released since his signing to 4 Against 5.

Justus is Sevin’s younger blood brother and has been featured on three of Sevin’s Albums including All or None, Kakoon and Finally Home, Vol. 2. "More Than Life" is the first single off his highly anticipated upcoming debut solo project entitled, Sola Gratia.

UK rapper Faith Child wants you to see the richness of Africa, and the joy of people even where poverty may exist in his new music for "Our Father."

Hip Hop artist Swoope dropped a music video for his song "All The Time" off of his album of the same name.

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