Growing up in Uptown NYC, a trip to the grocery store isn't just a trip to the grocery store. It's a time to getaway and say whats up to friends, go on adventure, see things and share your world with friends. Rich Perez hopes we never lose that sense of faith and adventure as we grow older.

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War Records is coming out of hibernation with a full 2015 planned. To end out 2014 they have a project of by a duo named ARTIFEX, made up of NAK and Nicholas Cheung. NAK heads out on tour this November with MC Jin, AMP Movement, GOWE and more. Add a comment

"J Poetic's new single from his upcoming album. Back Alley Poetry is a hip hop rooted, spoken word influenced message dialoguing the reality of despair. The video is weaved with hope in the midst of brokenness. Directed by Hassan Muhammed (formerly FilmedbyH)." Add a comment

Propaganda dropped a visual created by Dust Brand Films for the Beautiful Eulogy produced song, "Make". Make is from Crimson Cord - Propaganda's latest release. Add a comment

A newcomer to us, Nobigdyl releases a new music for the single "stand." The Tennessee native artist paints a lyrical picture of a difficult issue backed by a pretty cover of the Veggietales' song of the same title. Add a comment


JustHis League Issue #1: Suit Up