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Check out the second trailer for Proxy's album 'MAGNIFICENT'. A collective of songs telling the story of Magnificence through God, Life and Music. Featuring Grammy award winning and mufti-platinum producer Symbolyc One (S1).
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In a rare interview with Syntax Creative (Syntax Distribution, Syntax Records, Stratify Music) founder Tim Trudeau, he and Steve Patton have on odd, witty yet profound conversation about the history of Christian Hip Hop. They also discuss the evolution of the "rapper that's a Christian" tag from a unique and personal perspective. Add a comment

To kick off Round 2, we see the hungry FL emcee Los take on the ONE person he didn't want to see - former 1st & 15th artist Gemstones. This round is so crazy, you hear our R-Swift host say at the end of the video the only words left - "wow!" Add a comment


Spec Vacancy
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