Paper.Beats.Rock - Boy Meets World

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The video was shot, directed, and edited by Sense Hernandez for Beast Factory Films.

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Verse 1:
It looms, enjoy your final view in the cocoon/
Before the feuds, cause truth is it's over in a few/
Labor ensues, pushing you hard, it keeps pushing you hard/
And this battle is just... foreshadowing/
Your battle until you're battered by/
Your parents with poor standards to stand by/
Doctor on "stand by", broken water baptized/
A baby boy arrives thinking "get me out this damn light."

Chorus: 2X
This is the world in its glory/
In its shame, in its pain, in its mourning/
And today you're engaged in the story/
Of poisons hurled when boy meets world/

Verse 2:
You can't choose who you're born to/
It sucks, usually that situation'll form you/
And how you wish they adored you/
Insult adorned thickened skin you can't stick a sword through /
You're hearing don't be conformed to/
The pattern of this world, well if you had another world/
That didn't weigh as much as yours/
You're like "what's an open door, all I know is just cuts and open sores"/
Saying "You don't get it, the conflict that I witness"/
"You're not an eyewitness, stop trying to diagnose me"/
Like ""Life's rosy" try it, find it cozy?"/
"Make yourself at home on this side, find it lonely?"/
Buying groceries for parents that passed out/
Somehow you love them, despite all the badmouths/
Your brother just blacked out, put his fist into Dad's mouth/
Pour another glass, drown it, and everyone laughs now.../
Sickening, it's just the method of forgiveness/
Forget it, don't address it, don't expect it, getting fixes/
Neglected set examples, yet expected to have vision/
How is siblings with convictions and parents with addictions?/
You don't try to pass the buck when you're acting up/
You're just stating that it sucks that you're that corrupt/
Bottled up emotions that can and will erupt/
Asking God is this His will, if it is man you're stumped/
"Explain it... Go!... In each and every language/
Tell me, make it plain make sense of this I'm waiting.../
Cause while I am, I'm taking in sex education/
Mom and dad arranged a live visual demonstration/
Parents make parrots... I'll mimic them in marriage/
I'll mimic their divorce, I'll mimic them as parents/
I'll mimic them in carelessness, and mimic their embarrassments"/
And God forbid a boy ever meet a world as bare as this...

This is the world in its glory/
In its shame, in its pain, in its mourning/
And today you're engaged in the story/
Of poisons hurled when boy meets world

Verse 3:
"I took the wrong turn somewhere and I act like/
THAT somewhere is a place that I can't find/
But somewhere there's a place where I can find/
That mind that I lost but my concern is what's the path like?/
It's not as smooth as the plains, doesn't soothe like the breeze/
It's a scorching type heat producing torment in me/
I'm split and tore at the seams, and it seems/
That nothing's as foreign as peace..."
About the Author
Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 and is currently the Director of Social Media for 10th Street Entertainment, which manages several multi-platinum artists. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife and two daughters.

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