Producers Arena
Apr 2014

First off, shout out to Rapzilla for creating this space for songwriters! I believe the more insight we have on the creation process of song composing, will in return only help to make better song composers. The reason I chose to share my song composing process instead of that of my tracks (Instrumental or beat) is because in this way both the lyric and music composer can benefit from this process. There is A LOT that goes into composing a fully completed song. From choosing the best drum kit and sounds, to finding the right cadence or lyric, you will no doubt find having the right tools to do so is priceless. So with that said lets begin!

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Mar 2014
Feb 2014

Written by Chad Horton

Alan Puac aka Mpax since has been playing the saxophone since the age of 15. Since that age, he has been passionate about using this talent to the fullest and frequently plays with his Praise & Worship team in Houston, TX at Temple Poder Y Gozo. Mpax combines the sounds of hip hop, contemporary, and synthesized sounds to bring you Mpax On The Sax.

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Jan 2014
Jan 2014

Written by Chad Horton
Jan 2014
Mar 2013

A couple of weeks ago Tyshane (production credits include: Lecrae's "Violence" and Andy Mineo's "Young") issued a friendly challenge to Alex Medina (production credits include: Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, shai linne, Sho Baraka, The Ambassador, Andy Mineo, and on and on on) on who could produce a better beat. Alex, accepted and asked me to judge the beat. Then, Black Knight (winner of the Rapzilla Tedashii "Riot" remix contest and production credits include: Json, KB, and Andy Mineo) wanted to join the battle. So I layed down a couple of ground rules and created the Producers Arena.

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