Trip Lee's latest project 'The Good Life' is still holding strong on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts at #6. 2nd week sales numbers are in and Trip & Reach Records moved an impressive 6,015 units! The Good Life is currently at #2 on Billboard Gospel, #3 Billboard Christian Albums, #7 Billboard Rap Albums, and #71 Billboard 200 charts. If you haven't picked it up, do so on iTunes, AmazonMP3, or Google Play now.

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Meet attorney Josev Brewer. Look again. Meet sintax.the.terrific: a rapper with more than twenty years experience in traditional music recording and performance. Over the last two years, Josev has devoted himself to a new enterprise. Advancements in self-recording and self-publishing now permit contemporaneous cultural and news commentary set to music. A song blog.

Today we're celebrating that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that are hearing Christ celebrated, worshipped, praised, and taught through Hip Hop on On our SoundCloud we have
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The numbers are still trickling in but it looks like Trip Lee will be sitting at #18 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 18,108 sales in the first week. This is the biggest first week in Christian Hip Hop since
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