If you’ve experienced the Unashamed Tour, then you’ve also heard this song. Tedashii’s “Bury Me” featuring Lecrae just released at digital stores. It's an exclusive tour single which won't be featured on his upcoming album due next year. To listen to this song and purchase, click here.

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Presenting the exclusive part one of the behind the scenes of Json’s "Parent Me" music video featuring J.R.!


Stay tuned for more updates on Json’s latest project City Lights! Visit JsonCityLights.com and click on the "Parent ME Blog" to see more behind the scenes of the "Parent Me" music video, artist interviews, and testimonies from Lecrae, R-Swift, Jai, and more! Add a comment

Captured is an album that was derived from a personal burden on FLAME's heart. When reflecting upon the state of the world and the church, FLAME noticed that people fell into two categories:

1. being captured by sin and still under its grip and control; or
2. having been captured by God and under His rule and sway.

Yet, he saw something similar in both groups: the need to be recaptured. The non-Christian needs to be captured by God for the first time, while the Christian needs to constantly be captured by God's beauty, His holiness, and His grace. As the psalmist says in Psalm 42, "As a deer pants for flowing streams so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God for the living God..." This is the language of one who is captured and is being captured by a holy God and a sweet Savior.

FLAME takes you on a journey from what its like to be captured from birth to childhood to adulthood and then throughout your Christian journey. FLAME shares many personal stories of how God captured him and is continuing to capture him. He also gives a glimpse of how he and all the saints will eventually be captured once and for all in the presence of God. This album is a plea and a call for God's created people and His children to follow hard after God and to cling to Him. Who or what has captured you?

You can see the interview we did with FLAME a few months back announcing his new label venture here. Add a comment

Lecrae was interviewed in CNN's studio's today! That is a huge step for Lecrae and all of us involved in hip hop trying to spread Christ. Read the interview on CNN. Add a comment

After having the biggest debut sales week in Christian Hip Hop history, at roughly 25,000 sales, Lecrae is proving that he has staying power on the sales charts. Check the stats:

#1 on Billboard's Christian Albums Chart
#1 on Gospel Albums Chart
#1 on Independent Albums Chart
#5 on Rap Albums Chart
#17 on Billboard 200 Chart

3 weeks later:
#1 on Gospel Albums Chart
#2 on Christian Albums Chart
#8 on Rap Albums Chart
#8 on Rap Albums Chart
#55 on Billboard 200

Reach Records roster including Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, and DJ Official are on a 30 city tour called 'Unashamed 2010: The Movement' where most dates have sold out. The sold out dates are more often than not seeing a 2nd earlier show, which is not common and nearly unheard of. If you haven't heard about it yet, Rapzilla.com is sponsoring the tour and hosting a contest to win tickets to the tour stop near you. Check it out and enter to win here.

That is a great accomplishment by a well deserving team at Reach Records. Follow these dudes while they follow Christ. Add a comment

A new song "Bury Me" with Lecrae & Tedashii was performed at the Unashamed Tour in Orlando. This song is probably from Lecrae's upcoming album 'Rehab: The Overdose' or Tedashii's next project due in 2011. Some claim it's an upcoming 116 Clique song, but we do know that recording for their new group album hasn't started yet.

What do you think of the song? And which upcoming album do you think it's from? Add a comment

The Un.heard project features 18 full tracks with an array of collabos featuring Braille, Brinson, Christafari, Corey Hicks, Cruz Cordero, D Maub, K Drama and many more! Production includes Tony Stone, Tru-Life (CM), DJ Lopez, Legacy and Cliff Brown. The project features several vintage un.heard collabos from underground projects and several brand new un.heard tracks. Add a comment

Cross Movement Records (CMR) announces it has formed a strategic partnership with non-profit organization The Impact Movement. The first offering is a release of the debut album from new group, Level 3:16. The self-titled project drops December 28, 2010, occuring the week of The Impact Movement’s national conference in Atlanta. Thousands of high school, college students, alumni and church leaders of African-descent will meet for five days, to be challenged and equipped to make an eternal difference on their campuses, communities and the world for God. In conjunction with Level 3:16’s album, Cross Movement Records’ new media arm, Issachar Media, is also filming and releasing a docu-reality TV show that centers around the music group’s efforts. Add a comment

The latest project from Playdough entitled 'Writer Dye' will be available for free download on November 2nd at Rapzilla.com. All the production is crafted by Florida producer For Beats Sake. It has guest appearances from Sivion, Othello, Chucky Sly, DJ SeanP and Sev Statik. 'Writer Dye' is a concept album in which Playdough takes lyrics from other bands and genres and turns them into hip-hop songs. The album has 10 songs with lifted pieces from The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Nirvana and more. We are featuring the song "ArrowSmitherines", feel free to download it.

You can view the tracklisting after the jump.

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Guvna B wins 'best gospel act' during the MOBO Awards 2010 at the Echo Arena on October 20, 2010 in Liverpool, England. The MOBO Awards are the European equivalent to the BET Awards.

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Open Doors, a worldwide charity serving persecuted Christians, has joined forces with Preacher Boy Missions to produce a music single, with award winning and highly talented Christian Hip Hop artists. This exciting collaboration will see different music performers joining together in support of Christians who are facing severe suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Add a comment

Thi'sl broadcasted from Ustream.com tonight and announced that he, Flame, and Json will be releasing a group album sometime toward 2012. Stay tuned for updates on that here at Rapzilla.com.

Thi'sl will be releasing a new project entitled 'Before' next month. Check the Release Dates for more info. Add a comment

Hip Hop with a specific focus on promoting Christ likely started not too long after Hip Hop did, however the first commercially released album in this fashion was Stephen Wiley's 1985 album 'Bible Break.' Now, 25 years later there is a viable niche carved out in the music industry. The niche has been called by several names including Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rap, Holy Hip Hop, Gospel Hip Hop, etc. Like many humble beginnings, this niche was not documented well. Up until a few years ago with the introduction of social networks MySpace and Facebook, communication wasn't always an easy task, making it difficult to stay in touch with pioneers in this niche.

There have been efforts by many over the years to maintain community and push this niche into the mainstream, essentially utilizing Hip Hop to reach a demographic that is influenced by that culture. In the early years of the internet, circa 1994, one of the very first communities dedicated to this niche launched called TruHipHop. TruHipHop was launched by Timothy Trudeau, known to most as owner of Syntax Records. TruHipHop was a newsgroup or listserv where people would subscribe their email and dialogue. Then came chat rooms and message boards which acted as channels for artists and fans all across the world to connect and interact like never before. A few years following, websites began to spring forth that began to provide artists and labels a media outlet for the niche. Some of those websites were HipHopZone.com, HipHopGateway.com, SphereOfHipHop.com, HipHopForTheSoul.com, WTWmagazine.com, and later HolyCulture.net, DaSouth.com, and IllSpot.net. Add a comment

Cross Movement Records announces the third solo album from veteran, East-coast emcee Phanatik, original member of the pioneering rap group The Cross Movement. Phanatik creatively delivers a fun, heart-challenging project titled Party Over Here, set to hit stores on November 23, 2010. Add a comment

The 10 year anniversary of Flavor Fest was huge success... but almost didn't happen. Crossover's new facility was scheduled to go through it's final inspections on Thursday afternoon. The inspections lasted longer than expected and the 5:00pm cut off passed. In order to pass inspection the building had to have back up power for all the lighting in the entire 43,000 square foot facility. When they checked the back up generator they discovered the wires had been cut and the battery was stolen. Some of Crossover's mechanics immediately went to work as the inspector was checking the fire alarm system. Within 30 minutes they bought a new battery hooked it up and cranked it... and all the lights in the building worked! The building was passed with a temporary certificate of occupancy at 6:40pm on Thursday night in order to open up Friday morning. The Thursday night pre-event had to be moved to the Comfort Inn Conference Center. Add a comment

Streetlights is an urban audio Bible that seeks to combine the breathing words of God with authentic and quality music production influenced by the cultures of the inner city. It is a tool that can be used to hear, memorize and assist youth and young adults in studying the Scriptures. Eclectic Hip-hop beats will be composed as an urban score to the Bible. Chapter by chapter, multiple voices with many different accents will be heard reading Scripture as the beats create a canvas for the text. Imagine God's Word shining its light through mp3 players, social networking sites and speakers throughout the cities worldwide.

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