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Syntax Creative is pleased to announce a new partnership with fellow San Diego-based enterprise M.A.N.D.A.T.E. Records Inc., a gospel and jazz record label with services including marketing, booking, management and concert promotion. M.A.N.D.A.T.E. released a pair of singles in June, “Long Time” by Dontae and “New Life” by Chris White, and will drop Reggie Codrington’s new album Against the Odds on Aug. 10. In doing so, the label aims to “make a necessary difference at the end,” which is the vision that forms its acronym.
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They said it would never happen! They said it was impossible! Well on Saturday, September 30th the impossible is happening! Loso and Th3 Saga are “meeting” for the 2017 Kingdom Choice Awards in a matchup that many have wanted to see since the two have hit the battle rap scene.
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The Evolution Championship Series went down at the world famous Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas this past weekend. This year’s tournament, which ran from 7/14- 7/17, saw returning champions and newcomers alike travel across the globe in true Street Fighter fashion to see who was the best of the best at mashing the A button while doing a half moon on the D-Pad.
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