Release Date: January 31, 2012

For the past year, we have been working on putting together a compilation album. The proceeds will benefit kids in Congo, Africa. We'll release the official album cover, press release, and other goodies soon.

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Json and Lamp Mode Recordings are releasing one of our genre's most anticipated albums for 2012, which will be Json's 4th full length album due out February 21st, 2012. Json says that this album has been his most therapeutic to date and is something for the broken. If you are expecting something similar to his last album 'City Lights' you will be disappointed but Json's hope is that you will grow with him and be open to what he presents on his new offering, 'Growing Pains'. Add a comment

This past October as a part of Flavor Fest 2011 promotions, we partnered with Flavor Fest to give away two passes for the entire weekend. We selected a winner and emailed the notification that he had won. We ran into the winner at Flavor Fest and he told us his story about how he couldn't find anyone to go with him so he gave the ticket away to someone in line trying to pay only to have their card decline the transaction. Watch the video after the jump for the first hand account.

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The Christian Post ( is one of the nation's most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in July 2000 with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines. CP currently see's approximately 7.8 million unique visitors per month. CP reached out to us to highlight and our efforts along with what we had to say on the current state of Christian Hip Hop. You can read the article here. Add a comment

At some point we all knew it had to be coming. The infamous name drop. Either Drake, Wayne or others were going to be the first to put Tim Tebow in a verse and immortalize him more than he's already immortalized himself. But the Christian faith-based MC known as Brinson (GodChaserz Entertainment) not only beat them to the sucker punch, he took it one further:An entire song, "Tebowin'" . Add a comment

We're extremely grateful and humbled by God's use of an undeserving group of people to promote other groups of undeserving people's music to further spread His gospel. Our staff and traffic at Rapzilla in 2011 has doubled that of 2010. Our efforts and Add a comment

Applejaxx is ready to deliver his sophomore album 'Organic' on March 6, 2012.

Organic encourages listeners to replace bad foods (sin) with Organic foods(bread of life, living water). In the Gospel of John, Christ stated that, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you Add a comment

Release Date: March 20, 2012

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In his highly anticipated debut album, Collision Records artist/producer, Swoope is calling on Chrisitans to “Wake up.” Wake up from their dream states of longing for heaven, while ignoring the call to Add a comment


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