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Back a couple of months ago when I told you what movies I was excited about this year, I mentioned "Thor: Ragnarok." From all accounts, it will be something akin to an 80’s buddy cop movie with gladiatorial fights. If this sounds like a complete tonal shift from the other Thor movies then I second that thought and join you in your probable excitement. The Thor movies haven’t been bad, per se, they just haven’t been stellar. That franchise needed a shake up. Here to shake it up is director Taika Waititi (What We Do In The Shadows, Hunt For The Wilderpeople) and his crazy color palette from a Luc Besson's fever dream.
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Texas music festival SXSW begins tomorrow March 10 and runs through the 19th. The festival also provides the perfect opportunity for Christian emcees to get some big time exposure, especially with radio hosts such as Sway Calloway being there.
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