Mr. Del is poised to launch his ninth studio album, entitled Love Noize, on March 16, 2016. God's anointed Hip Hop Apostle doesn't disappoint as he continues to share the Word in a non-traditional way that draws young people closer to Christ. Described as the place where soul meets trap house music with a Gospel hip-hop twist, Love Noize will have listeners bobbing their heads while they receive messages about God's love, self-love and loving others. The lyrics are strong enough to penetrate the soul, but edgy enough to catch the attention of young audiences everywhere.
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Good Fruit Co. is thrilled to announce that Toronto-based emcee, Promise has joined the team. As a songwriter/artist who has never been anything short of himself, and who has consequently been able to carve out a natural yet profoundly unique space somewhere between urban hip hop and soulful ballad, Promise mixes perfectly with the beat and tune of Good Fruit - particularly because he, too, is in pursuit of excellence, creativity, and uncompromising authenticity. As said by Royce Da 5’9, Promise is “definitely MORE THAN MUSIC.”
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Andy Mineo waited 17 months after Never Land to release Uncomfortable, but a tweet by Grammy Award-winning producer Street Symphony suggests that Mineo will not wait as long to drop his next project.
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