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As the nation has been gripped by the aftermath of the contentious George Zimmerman trial for the killing of 17-year-old Florida teen Trayvon Martin, various sources on the web have attempted to voice their frustration and outrage in creative ways through social media.
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No Malice, one half of the brotherly rap duo Clipse, was set to release his highly anticipated solo debut album early July. He issued a message explaining that he would be delaying the album release and reasons why.
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Details are revealed for Erick Dayz's upcoming free album 'Late Bloomers,' which is set to release on July 30, 2013 from Strght & Nrrw Music.

1. Teardrops (Intro)
2. Emmaculate - Produced by Wit
3. Keep On Movin - Produced by Backpack Beats
4. Winding Road - Produced by Top Rank
5. Rise Up - Produced by Rhapsodist Beats
6. Candy Coated Dreams (K. Lamar Remake)
7. Hope Dealer - Produced by Rhapsodist Beats)
8. Surley Grind - Produced by Hi Fly
9. F.A.I.L. - Produced by Gatti
10. I'll Go Crazy (Outro)

The cover and tracklisting for Triple O's upcoming free album 'Telescopes & White Roses,' which is scheduled to release in August 2013.

1. The Last View
2. C.A.I.N
3. Daydream (feat. Dionne Reid)
4. Never Let Me Down (feat. Hayley Cassidy)
5. Telescopes (feat. Coco Dupree)
6. Jubilee
7. Thirty:Six
8. This Is For You
9. HeartStrings (feat. Kersha Bailey)
10. I Know What I’m Doing
11. Down At Your Feet (feat. Jahaziel & Sean C Johnson)
12. Yahweh
13. Yahweh (Remix) (feat. A Star, Rhema, Stephen Brindle, Ricardo 'Rocstarr' & E Tizz)
14. White Roses (feat. Ricardo 'Rocstarr' Williams)
15. F.E.A.R (Open Letter) (feat. Icie)

St. Louis, Missouri-based rapper Thi’sl continues to work on his motivational tunes. The Full Ride Music representative is planning to follow-up his 'Free From The Trap' project with an EP titled 'Fallen King'.
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KIDD is sure to stand out both on iTunes at 100 pixels by 100 pixels, among the text heavy album covers attempting to do the same, as well as serve the people that enjoy artwork on a physical CD. KIDD and Infiltrate Music conveyed the album title (Murder My Flesh) in an artistic way that reflected the title without the gore.
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Lecrae gets another recognition from Pepsi, with the help of, on their "Seven Hip-Hop Songs That'll Be Your Motivation" list. The highlighted track is "Mayday," off Crae's latest album 'Gravity,' which features mainstream artist Big K.R.I.T. and American Idol finalist Ashthon Jones.
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Here's the production credits for our newest King Kulture project, 'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic,' which consists of 16 all new unreleased exclusive songs. Wit mixed nearly the entire project and handled the mastering as well.
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Christian Hip Hop veteran and Xist Music recording artist Da' T.R.U.T.H., has announced that he will be revealing his upcoming record label soon. The effort supposedly entitled "Mixed Bag" was mentioned in our interview with Truth at Flavor Fest 2012, in which he said about it "There's a brand of Christian Hip Hop that I want to establish, that's a little different then what's happening right now. Some people may know their names, but I want to offer them to the world."
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MC/Producer Die-Rek releases the artwork and tracklisting for his upcoming project 'DIENAMICS' set for release July 11, 2013.

1. Grade Eh
2. N.W.O. (New World Order) (Instrumental) 3. A Change Gon' Come
4. I Do It For... (Instrumental)
4. We All Need Somebody (feat. Liya)
5. The Harvest (Instrumental)

Download the promotional single "Love VS Hate"

At 16, KIDD is the youngest artist on the Infiltrate Music roster. KIDD has been working on his debut album for the last year in his hometown of Las Vegas as well as in Skrip's studio in Chicago. A few free downloads have been released to give people a look at what he's offering, such as "Martyr Music" ft. KamBINO, and Skrip's song "Games.
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We're really excited to reveal the tracklisting for our newest King Kulture project, 'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic,' which consists of 16 all new unreleased exclusive songs. Pre-orders for the album and limited and exclusive packages are available from the Rapzilla Official Online Store now.
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Lecrae participated in interviews on the red carpet at the BET Awards last weekend and spoke to P. Diddy's Revolt TV regarding a few topics including Jay-Z's Roc Nation being interested in signing him, Kanye West's album Yeezus, and more.

Regarding the Roc Nation interest Lecrae said, "I think it was really just kinda like, a question in the air because they were looking for conscious artists and my name was just thrown in the hat so ... but for me it's like hey, I'm honored if that's the case but any way it goes man I'm just here what I came to do."
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We're really excited to reveal the tracklisting for our newest King Kulture project 'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic', but are just revealing the songlisting today. We'll release the full tracklisting on Monday along with pre-orders for the album and limited and exclusive packages in our store. Check the songlisting out after the jump and let us know who you think they belong to.
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We have done the Beat Battle at Flavor Fest the past 2 years and it is a blast! We have been to Legacy and been a sponsor for the last 3 years and wanted to add another element to the conference and performances. We wanted to keep the beat battle a special and unique part of Flavor Fest so we came up with the idea of getting some emcee's to spit their hottest 16 for a chance at cash and prizes.
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The tracklisting and production credits for Yaves' upcoming studio album 'Favor Over Fury,' which is set to release July 16, 2013 from Sling Shot Media Group LLC.
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Sling Shot Media Group recording artist and frontrunner, Yaves, has revealed the cover for his new studio album 'Favor Over Fury.' Yaves has been working with the likes of Swoope, Ruslan of theBREAX, Young Joshua, and a few others in the creation of this project.
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Andy shows off the custom gear he got from Cross Customs and Fig Leaf Apparel at his first ever album release concert in Organe, CA. 'Heros For Sale' in stores now! The hat in this video is available for purchase from the Official Store here.

Sheena Lee, known collaborator with Reach Records recording artist Andy Mineo and God Belongs In My City tour headliner, has revealed the cover and tracklisting for her long awaited debut album 'Destiny,' which will be available on August 6, 2013.
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Flavor Fest Conference is an annual three day convention, founded by Tommy "Urban D" Kyllonen, pastor of Crossover Church in Tampa,FL, which consists of workshops, concerts, the Beat Battle and more. Along with the announcement of this year's theme, "City Of Pain", Flavor Fest is revealing the artists and speakers on the schedule. Check out the lineup after the jump...
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The album cover and tracklisting for KamBINO's upcoming sophomore album 'IN·DE·PEN·DENCE,' which will be available via all major digital outlets on July 9, 2013.
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