Reach Records and PRo have accomplished what may be a first in any genre. On iTunes, PRo has a featured banner in the top slider for his new album 'Dying To Live'. Not only in the Christian & Gospel genre, but Add a comment

"After a brief drought it seems that the frontrunner of the Sling Shot Movement has emerged with a new sense of motivation. With a consistent video campaign as well as a tour in session Yaves has been full steam ahead and seems to be leaping any obstacle that attempts to present itself. With a Add a comment

It has been only a few hours since the release of PRo's latest album 'Dying To Live', and already it's claiming a place high on iTunes's charts. 'Dying To Live' is currently Add a comment

If you've been following Reach Record's DJ Official on Facebook or Twitter you've seen his occasional request's for prayer over the past year or so. Recently, DJ Official released a blog post regarding Add a comment
Read more..., one of the the longest running and most trafficked web resources for (secular) hip hop recently interviewed Thi'sl on a load of topics including, his latest album release 'Beautiful Monster', featuring on other artist albums, his transition from "gangster rapper" to a Christian one, St. Louis, what's coming next for him, and more. Add a comment

We will be hosting an exclusive video listening session of PRo's upcoming album 'Dying To Live'. August 21st, you'll be able to see this listening session on the Rapzilla iPhone/Android app. Then, August 22nd, it will be available to watch right here on the site. PRo will be going track by track through the album explaining each song, so don't want to miss this!

Get the Rapzilla iPhone or Android app to tune in and listen to the new 'Dying To Live' album by PRo before anyone else! Add a comment

Pick up where PRo left off in the "Dying To Live" mini-series, and fight against the zombies of his alter ego in the sequel—Altered Pro: the video game. Plus, get a chance to listen to an exclusive preview of "Full Court Mess" Add a comment

The panel of judges for the Riot Remix Contest were Timothy "rocdomz" Trudeau (Syntax Records), Tony Stone, Alex Medina, DJ Official, and Street Symphony. The panel looked at the top voted submissions first. From there they combed through the 300+ submissions! We want to thank everyone that took Add a comment

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