Andy Mineo's debut album 'Heroes For Sale' has not even been out for 2 hours yet and is already the #3 Bestselling Overall Album on iTunes. It's also #2 for iTunes TOP Hip Hop/Rap Album behind Kid Cudi new album 'Indicud.' Click here to read our album review for 'Heroes For Sale.' You can purchase the album now on iTunes.

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Frontline Records, a subsidiary label of Meis Music Group, in collaboration with Ojo Taylor, are making these legacy albums available digitally for the first time.

Freedom Of Soul released their debut, Caught In A Land Of Time, in 1991 on Brainstorm Artists Int’l. With streetwise styling, the CD was hailed as a nice bridge between harder street rap from artists SFC and P.I.D. and more pop hip hop from artists like DC Talk, due to the inclusion of singers like Jon Gibson and Bernard Wright, along with choice sampling. FOS released its 2nd album on B.A.I. in 1994. Appropriately called The 2nd Comin’, the music on their sophomore project featured a rawer, tougher, more streetwise end of hip hop. One reviewer said, “It's gangsta rap without the violence and profanities, a veritable torrent of verbiage sometimes carving out sound messages of hope and salvation verging on the surreal and often spiced with a tongue-in-cheek humor and plenty of sample surprises.” Guest artists include T-Bone, Brainwash Projects, LPG and Sup the Chemist.

Listen to the full Caught In A Land Of Time album on Rapzilla now.

Peace 586 is a prolific hip hop artist, producer and MC whose career has spanned from the 1980s to present. Together with DJ Cartoon, Peace formed Freedom of Soul and is best known for expressing his Christian faith as it relates to life here now, as well as that to be gained. His name is derived from the month and year that he became a Christian: May 1986. The Risen Son was released in 1996 on Innocent Media, owned by executive producer, Ojo Taylor. Gene Eugene mixed and engineered. DJ Cartoon added turntables and LPG and Tunnel Rats contributed to the writing. All 3 are available on iTunes and other digital stores, including