Grammy winner for Best Gospel Rock/Rap album went to Switchfoot 'Hello Hurricane'. Lecrae 'Rehab' was nominated, he didn't take home the win but he wrote a blog about his grammy week goals, which are more missionary than elbow rubbing. Also stay tuned for the Dove Awards nominations this week. Add a comment

Reach Records are proud to announce that they have signed another artist!

The Reach Records roster will now include PRo! Add a comment

Reach Records artist, Tedashii, will be releasing his new album April 26th 2011. Stay tuned for more info. In the mean time enjoy these new singles that were exclusive to the Unashamed Tour 2010. Add a comment

Lecrae 'Rehab: The Overdose' was reported selling over 21k units in its first week. We now have the Billboard chart positions. Check them below. In the Billboard 200, 'Rehab: The Overdose' nearly topped Eminem's similarly titled 'Recovery' by a few hundred. Add a comment

Last month we took a survey to find out if enough of our readers wanted Rapzilla on their Android devices as much as iPhone users. Why didn't we just launch an Android app? Did we just not care about Android users? NO! It costs money to launch an app on another platform so we need to find out if we can cover our costs. Our survey definitely showed strong interest but not enough that we feel confident we can cover our costs. We had several people offer to pay more than $20 to help offset the cost to launch the app, but upon emailing that group of people we got zero donations =). SO, if you would like to donate to help us offset the cost of launching our app, please send it to

In the meantime, we have launched the app on faith that it will do well and our readers will support it! You can support as well by purchasing the app for $1.99 in the Android Marketplace. Search "Rapzilla". Enjoy!

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Reach Records artist, Trip Lee, recently won the 2011 Stellar Awards for 'Between Two Worlds' Best Gospel Rap Hip Hop album of the year. Add a comment

The release of Wit & Dre Murray 'Hell’s Paradise 2' is right around the corner. They have decided to make a few goodies available for download in the form of the HP2 Audio Trailer. Included in the Audio Trailer are the songs “HP2” and a solo performance by Wit called “All Part of the Plan.” Add a comment


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