Dee-1 Was Not Impressed By His BET Cypher At All And Plans To Go From Good To Great

If you caught Dee-1's recent Sway In The Morning interview, then you know that he wasn't impressed with his own BET cypher that aired on October 14th.

That sparked Dee-1 on a heavy mission to go from good to great from that day forth, personally and professionally. Dee-1 passionately spits a verse and lets us know that "Good ain't good enough no more so it's good I hate/ Why you hate good? Because I'm tryna go from good to great!"

With his new installment of his #MissionVisionMonday series he also touches on ways to get to "great" by asking: who are you comparing yourself to, are you in your own lane, and how can you maintaining consistent/ habitual greatness.
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